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9 December 2012

Salute by WACOAL

To me, bra plays an important character for women. Either to support or a habit. Women tend to feel awkward or self-conscious without bras if they are used to wearing them. I don't have big boobies to support so this probably my main reason for wearing bra! LOL Besides, choosing the suitable bra is very important as well. Because if you don't, your breast will feel discomfort and this is not a very good condition to remain healthy. 
If you do not know, Wacoal have been established for over 8 years in Malaysia as a trusted maker of the choicest and quality undergarments. Wacoal pays tribute of femme exuberance by introducing the European flair lingerie line aptly name Salute (which literally means "a gesture of respect or polite recognition  to Malaysian women.)

I was invited to a lingerie fashion show on the 23rd Nov. WACOAL MALAYSIA had a launch for the sophisticated Salute lingerie line at a party held at Parkson Gurney Plaza on the 23rd November 2012.
Opulent, flamboyant and luscious, Salute delves deep into the sensuous realm of femininity and accentuates the enduring and ostentatious beauty of laces. Offering interplay with plush fabrics, each intricately designed Salute inner-wear is a manifestation of artistry reflective of Wacoal's decades of expertise in producing credible and well-loved intimate apparels.

There were model catwalk show with the series of Salute! Quite a creative way to wear lingerie with some accessories :) So below are some photo taken while show on-the-go! Photo bombed by auntiesss face expression and a little boy so tempting to take photo of sexy jiejie lol

For your info, only four models through out the show :) Yet, is more than enough. 

I love this concept tho! 

Luckily bumped into Christer and her sister Vivian, else i'll be all alone through out the night! 

I kinda like this pink one! So sweet! 

Goodie bag from Wacoal :) 
Very cute bra wash bag ^^
Very soft and comfy panties 

Make up tools pouch in hot pink :)

Pretty pocket facial oil blotting paper.

2013 Calendar & Cash Vouchers

But overall was a great event of the month. Had a great experience in attending such event. More in the future please~ hehe



Anonymous said...

How to get invite to events?

Rubaya Binte Siraj said...

Please don't compare Wacoal Salute lingerie to the European lingerie. I find them superior in design to most lingerie of the latter:). I am planning not to buy from VS and European brands anymore, if I have Wacoal Salute.

Anonymous said...

Pretty in design plus great craftsmanship! ;)

Anonymous said...

Elegant and posh bras!
Gives good support!

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