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31 January 2013

Multiple storage box!

Have you done cleaning and arranging your room yet? CNY is approaching, so fast!! Feel guilty to say that I just started to do some clean up last night. Luckily I got myself 2 new storage boxes! Like finally I can manage to arrange my skincare, hair care, body care and also some little stuff  into one big storage box. SO EASY :) Previously I been using another storage box for skin care, but too bad it doesn't come with top cover, which mean there is always dust on the bottle cap even though I clean them......quite often >< ! To me, skincare bottle have to be clean all the time even the outside of the bottle to prevent bacteria...I guess. I'm happy with my new storage box that comes with TOP COVER!!! hahahaha I don't have to wipe those bottle cap that often dy! LOL

Comes in a set with one big one small. Left one is small and the right one is big. 6 different shades to choose such as : rosepink, apple green, blue, pink, purple and orange

Size measurement
Big: 38 x 24 x 24cm 
Small: 26 x 21 x 17cm

Some close up details shots 

My overloaded old storage box >< what a mess! 

I'm just away for 10days and its so dusty already T.T

Tadaaahhh! Replace with my new storage box! ^^

Drawer part looks much tidier now :) *happykid*

Here is how I store my stuff into the bigger box :) All is jewelry boxes and iphone cases plus some little stuff. All fit in this 38 x 24 x 24CM box! 

Wish to own the storage boxes like mine? Go HERE and make your order! :) Its really very useful to store our stuff neatly and the design is so pretty  Feel like wanna have few more to store my stuff and make them like a series! 


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Vivian Yuen said...

Such cute storage boxes, I have the same problem, whenever I leave my bottles out they get so dusty T__T"

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