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4 February 2013


Hey all :) Wanna update a little about fashion today, a quick one. Alot of online boutique has launch their latest batch for I did a little online shopping as well although I bought kinda alot already #girlsbeinggirls
I think since my last fashion post is like almost one month ago, so I decided to do a another one. I know being a fashionista isn't that easy. To me everything not just on how you mix and match with cloth yet, is base one what attitude you have in every single outfit and how you carry them. Example, if you are a very sweet and princessly person can't force yourself wear like a phunk with alot of piercing right? You definitely turn out weird. *no offend*
Anyway, today's outfit post from Twenty3. A online boutique that sells quality dresses with affordable price:) Besides, the owner is a big pretty! hehe
Founded by Sherlyn Tan in 2010, Twenty3 began life as a series of Fashion Diary posts on her blog charting her personal style evolution. Drawing inspiration from an ever-changing wardrobe that has seen everything from camouflage overalls to ballet leotards, Twenty3 embodies our philosophy that while fashions may fade, style is forever. To that effect, we do our best to bring affordable style to you, with quality at the heart of each item that passes from our hands to yours.

All photo credit to Hayashi Lim. 
I kinda like this knit outer from Twenty3 cause it makes me feel classy yet fashionable. Not forget the leather skater skirt is my favourite piece!!! Cause I hardly found leather skirt with this length,  I mean mostly selling is longer not match my height =.= alright, im shorty.

A very soft pink maxi with super light weight fabric is the best for out country since we have summer thru out the year LOL. Simple design always my choice when it comes to maxi, I dont know why but I just like to wear it clean :)

Alright i'm gonna stop here, hope you like it and visit for more pretty cloths for CNY! LAST CALL XD. By the way, here is their FB page, give them a like and see more info updates there.



Adeline Tan said...

Hi, can I know where you get your heels in the first pic?

anerly said...

Its from :)

Penny said...

Can I know u get ur flats? :)

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