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4 February 2013

2 way to style a denim shorts

How did you spent your last weekend before CNY? I totally can't believe my long wait festive is coming less in a week!! Can't wait to wear all my new cloth and have fun with friends and family. Did you done all the preparation? I did a little change on my hair yesterday, curious what I've done to my hair? heheheh Will blog about it soon, stay tuned!!! And then, I finally made a reservation for nail art this Thursday, well FINALLY =.=. So, here come another outfit post again. Wearing denim shorts is the best during new year cause the weather will hot like staying in the oven ><

Gonna have 2 different style matching with a denim shorts. 

First, matching it with a sweet design cardigan. This is more sweet,  for "young girls" like me! hahahahaha Navy blue cardigan, perfect to prevent sun ray. I really love the destroyed ripped black denim shorts, it's kinda cool. Both from Likeigloo

Second, mix and match with the black denim shorts, seriously this kind of shorts can do alot of style with different matching by creating different style. This will be a little cool one cause I match with a black color tank singlet add on with the ankle boots. 

How do you think of my recent fashion post? Wish to see more? I will keep on improve my styling skills. Oh I  kinda enjoy styling with different cloths nowadays, changing style is pretty fun. Previously i'm kind of person that not really into styling clothes, or I should say I prefer simple one. I felt so bad these days seeing a lot of you is actually getting more daring in styling outfit. I was thinking myself that I should make some change. And this is why i'm doing these fashion updates. *wink*

Before end, please check out Likeigloo online store for more! They just launch their new arrival 


Anonymous said...

Hey, may I know where you bought the shoulder bag?Thanks :)

elaine ling hon said...

love your blog <3

Anonymous said...

where you get your boots? <3

Vivian Yuen said...

Love your hair here! please keep on posting fashion updates~

Anonymous said...

yes do if often! the fashion posts are so fun to read^_^ your style is changing i can see, but the most impressive part is you have carried out your every single outfit!welldone anerly <3

anerly said...

Thanks all ♥ :)
I bought the ankle boots at china :)
I bought the bag from Fourkin @ Gurney :)

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