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21 February 2013

Selling off Canon G-11

Hi hi, i'm here to selling off my preloved baby cam :) Been following me since one year before,  so this cam is no longer under warranty but still in a GOOD CONDITION! And I just did a overall servicing at Canon centre before CNY. No worry it's still works like new one. The reason why I selling it off is because I want my photo in better resolution so I recently just bought a new cam that provide professional shots for blogging purpose. But honestly this cam is so user-friendly and easy carry. The best part is it has a 180 degree twist screen for selca! hehehe Later on I will show some photo that taken by this cam.

 Canon G-11

Everything still here and well packed!

Things that included :) Original kit.

Some details shots of this sexy! hehehe

Since I been using it over a year,  there are some little scratch on it. Real small scratching only :) can't really see it from far.

Recent selca under daylight 

My niece, taken during sunset with portrait mode

Low light night scene mode 

Indoor shots on food 

Flash on! Omg this photo very old d ><

Travel shot in India, Taj  Mahal

Typical shot from board!

Selling at a best price and price included postage fee as well! Kindly email me at for enquiry. Thank you!


JaniceH said...

how much yo? :)

june said...

hello, can i know how much is it? 6:

JYun Ban said...

May I know how much you're selling it??

miyoko said...

how much ya?

anerly said...

Hi all, im sorry my camera sold out d :)

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