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22 February 2013

Third valentines with you!

Looks like is another long dragging post again. Valentine's Day already past more than a week. Just did a small and simple celebration. Went to my favorite ice-cream shop Haagen-Dazs for some sweet tooth before dinner. Wanted to try their Valentine's special heart shape ice-cream fondue and also macarons but we went too late already, all sold out! So sad!!!! But as info I got from the crew, the macarons available until 28th which mean I still get the chance to try it! I MUST TRY!

It's the 3rd year celebrating with him, feel so blessed cause we still manage to stay with the way like we first being together. Yet we treat our relationship in a mature way. We know what we doing and we understand what kind of relationship we want. For our future and our own. I never expect I could change this much because of him, from a hot tempered girl til now become more rationality but of course i'm still learning. Non-stop learning to become a better person and a better girl for him :) Now,  I can take things easy when it comes to hard. Thank for bringing me to this stage my love, without your taught I can never be. Till then, picture time!!

 Just add on a waffle and then steal some ice-cream ball, fruits, topping  from the fondue! hehehehehe Yummy :) 

Lastly, OOTD. Lace top from Topshop, skirt from Chakaboo

So this is our Valentine's date of 2013! Simple yet loved <3


cecilia said...

i like yr skirt, but too bad sold out jor :(

Vivian Yuen said...

Such a pretty Valentine's outfit, and I really want to try the fondue! Your photos are better than the photos Haagen Dazs use to advertise it ;)


anerly said...

cecilia: don't worry more skirt coming soon :)
vivian: thanks hun ^^

Kate W said...

Hey Anerly, may I know what camera are u using? The pictures are superb :)

BeerCrusader said...

Great photos =) Keep up the good work!

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