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24 February 2013

Ueno Zoo, Tokyo

Visiting zoo in different country is one of my habit. I like to see animals, just like any other kids who very happy when parents said "We gonna visit the zoo today!" LOL Hence, we decided to visit Ueno Zoo on day 2. Woke up early in the morning, get set and done our simple breakfast at the subway station. We love buying foods in those mini stores cause we like rice balls very much! hahahaha You know, they got variety of rice balls choices eventhough  their stall are small.

Random mirror reflect shots in mini stall :) OOTD

Fav rice balls!!! 

At the end of this post I got a short video for y'all :) My very first time create and edit a video!!! Please love it!! 

Ueno Zoo is just right in front of the Ueno Station, only 5-10mins walk. Such a little zoo with nice atmosphere. Although is not big one but it has plenty of animals from east to west such as panda, polar bear, flamingo, snow owls, etc. Those animals are entertain enough, they will like stop and pose for you snap photo of themselves! Cute right?! And the best part is where you can stand close like really close to them (in a safe way).

 View from Ueno Station. The zoo is on the right hand side.

Huge Starbucks after entrance!

Hello school kids with their pretty uniform.

Hi tourist :)

The ice are melting so the whether is extra cold today

The panda. Not sure whether is it Ling Ling? @.@  

Sexy female lion 

The hyperactive fur seal! 

Ego snow owl

I love this cute squirrel so so much!!! See how it stop and stare right there to let us snap picture!

We love mirror reflect LOL

Lunch time! Yummmyyy~

Souvenir shop!

Happy kids!

Till then, we took off around 4 something. We had some walk nearby at Ueno then a random temple spotted! First time really see a Japanese temple, so we headed and snap some photos. Just a random temple nearby, its very clean and quite. After that, we walk further and start our shopping spree!! 

Another exit at the zoo. Winter scene looks dull...

 Handmade Udon is love~~~~~!!!  Miss this so much! 

The left one is cherry taste like medicine >< And the right one is green tea taste like...... @.@

Alright! VIDEO TIME!! 

Err...I don't know why the resolution is bad :( I'm sorry. Maybe I made some mistake when convert all the videos..So sad T.T Will try to fix it in next video. Thanks for watching anyway!


Anonymous said...

wish you can make a tutorial of how editing pictures by using photoshop~:) karen

Anonymous said...

What camera do you use? the pics are all so awesome. and what photo editor do you use to edit?

anerly said...

Karen: let me think about it :)
I use sony nex-f3 & adobe photoshop to do all the editing :)

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