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28 March 2013

éPure Membranous Jelly Masque (steps to use)

The reason why i'm sharing and selling this mask is because I experienced it myself. I've been suffer in the worst skin condition in the past few weeks before I try éPure jelly mask. My skin been classified as sensitive skin since 2 years ago. But I din't know that the condition is worse than I thought :( My skin had some mild peeling & dryness after using some wrong skin care product, this makes me worry alot more! I can't even make-up, imagine how bad it is. Till then, one of my close friend came to me and introducing me about this mask. I was just to give a try on it, doesn't really put any hope at first. Yet, the miracle begin here~~ after I applied the first pack...I can feel my skin immediately gets moistured and hydrated! No more itchiness, no more peeling & no more reddish! Then I continue apply this mask for 3 times in a week and my skin now are fully recovered!! What's more is my skin become fairer and it's even lifting!! 

(éPure Membranous Jelly Masque)
Developed by the renowned Dr.Yulong Moy from USA, ePure Membranous Jelly Masque is the first-of-its-kind facial mask with ACF (Active Cellular Factor), formulated for intense hydration, increasing the skin moisture by 30%-50%. It works to restore and balance the skin by removing impurities like blackheads/whiteheads effectively and instantaneously. It also inhibits melanin synthesis, which lightens pigmentation, balances uneven skin tone and leaves your skin brighter and supple with dewy fresh vibrance. 

Highlights of product:
-More even skin tone 色素均衡
-Pores refined 毛孔紧致
-More lifting & firming on cheek 脸颊提升
-Laugh line decreases 法令纹变浅
-Pimples spots & redness lightened 暗疮印及红斑减轻

This mask is very gentle and mild. Suitable for all types skin even sensitive skinIt's pretty easy to use actually cause they even provide a stick that helps you to apply it even easier and to prevent hand germs. Simplest way. I will show you how to sequence from remove make up until the last step after jelly mask ;) 

OMG can't believe i'm showing my bare face @.@ pls don't get shock.

 Wearing light make-up here (eyeliner, under eyes concealer, spot conceal)

 My fav makeup remover!! #skinfood

After cleansing :) Dark spot all come out >< 

Apply toner

Apply jelly mask with the stick provided. Apply a thick layer 0.3- 0.5cm (problem area can apply thicker for better result)

Wait for 30 – 40 min! Candy Crush time!! LOL

Rinse thoroughly, and apply your daily skin care products. 

T.T apologize for making this post so ugly with full of my shitty face.

I'm currently selling this jelly mask! With exclusive promotion just for my readers :) 
Only jar is available cause pack one out of stock.
 Very limited stock, only less than 1000 jars are available! Grab it fast! (^^)/  
Email me at or FB if you interested.

Don't worry about the price cause it's double worth it! *wink*

Le boyfie and sis tried too!! See the results?? Brighter & smoother! 

More info view here :


Sophia Wong said...

Hi, How much are you selling EPure Jelly Mask in a jar? :)

Sally Chong said...

Hi, may I know is the wrong skincare products that caused your skin to be sensitive is Miyome because previously U blogged about Miyome..I was thinking to have a try on Miyome so I need to make sure whether got serious side effect.. thanks :)

Anonymous said...

yea. u don't seem to use miyome anymore. was it just for advertising?

anerly said...

Hi there, my skin now in better situation d. So i only use Miyome twice a week. Sometimes only point some on my pimple :)

なな ♡ NANA7 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
なな ♡ NANA7 said...

hi. what is the price of epure jelly mask?

YM said...

hi may i know u r using what brand of concealer? and also ur spot concealer brand? :) and btw whats ur step to apply those make up product on ur face? i mean like only face. did u apply any base before pt bbcream?

Mary said...

hey.. still available?

ANGEE said...

Wow, I can see a diff in your skin after using that mask :O I wanna try too!!

Jensys ng said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jensys ng said...

Acne and blemish around nose and chin area(combination skin), isnt it's ok? Can u pm me the price..?

MaRyaM said...

Hi there, may i know do you post to shah alam. can u pm me the price and how to make an order.


Anonymous said...

Hi, can pm me the price. My email

Quinz Zhao said...

Hi anerly.. may I know how to purchase this epure jelly mask?? I would like to try this product :)

peiqi said...

how many times u can use for 1 pack?

Soo Wai said...

Hello can I know how.much are you selling 1jar of epure jelly masque? :)

Soo Wai said... :) looking forward to your reply babe :)

eos said...

may i know the price?

Julia Tan said...

Hi, Anerly!
Can I know is this mask good for pimples?

Julia Tan said...

Hi, Anerly!
Can I know is this mask good for pimples?

Toh Cherry said...

may i know how much per jar?

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