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26 March 2013

H+ Photography capture the love!

I'm sure some of you might know i've been into freelance modelling like years ago. I've been involve into alot of photoshoot session and some workshop. Gained great experiences! I do enjoy every session. Meanwhile, I get to know all the friendly and at the same time professional photographer. We even become good friend of each other now, sincerely feel so blessed get to know each of them cause there are awesome people!! So today, i'm gonna write this post and share with y'all one of my fav photog.

H+ Photography just had their website published, so you can easily view Hayashi Lim's photography. He provide international pre-wedding photography service, not to forget the actual wedding day shoot as well! With his professional skills and his unique sense you will definitely get what you want. Just keep calm and let him capture all the special moment for you and your loved one. Plan a unique one! 

 Capture the special moment

So loved <3 

Love in deep blue sea? :)

Love like there is no tomorrow. 

My fav piece!!

So what's your feeling after I presenting his work to you?! Nice right? His work are always full of inspiration and the whole feeling of each photo is superb!! As you can see, he had alot of foreigner clients. This is how he roll! Till then, feel like share some portrait I did with him last few weeks. Seriously, I always love his awesome skills.

Lastly, for those who planning to get marry and wanted to snap a series of lovable pre-wedding photos, H+ Photography is ze best choice because to me I prefer a freelancer work than typical bridal house piece. It's too boring to stay in the studio and posing those silly pose that creates awkward feel in between LOL *no offence*. More, working with a freelancer like Hayashi is much fun and interesting!! Cause as a professional photog,  they always know the best place to match your personality! This is what I want  for my wedding photos! 

Kindly give a like on their Fan Page too. Thanks! 


Henry Tan said...

wow he really knows how to capture at the right moment! but definitely not cheap to hire him isnt it? haha

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