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14 June 2013

KATE Spring Summer Makeup Workshop

On last weekend I was invited by Nuffnang to attend the Kanebo Kate Sping Summer Makeup Workshop. The event was held at Manila Place Gurney Plaza. Proud to say that this time we have a Japanese makeup artist Hirai San with us throughout the whole activity. Yes he came all the way from Japan for this! We have 2 different kind of makeup demonstration that day which is OL Look vs Party Look. I prefer OL look cause its look so natural with some highlights and little brownish eyeshadow, to me I will wear that makeup to party as well! haha

Set up of the day with the gorgeous Japanese celebrity backdrop

Equipment of the day :)

For this summer, Kate has just launch their new eyeshadow palette which called KATE GOLDISH EYES. This is a must have to create a shine and shimmer gold effect. Kate Goldish Eyes contains two unique gold pearl powders. Real Gold Pearl, a pure gold pearl powder with 0.1% 24k REAL GOLD and  Nuance Gold Pearl, a bright pearl powder with a hint of gold. I'm a typical Kate cosmetic freak, I have most of their products like blusher, eyeshadow, liquid foundation, concealer, eyebrow colour ….ect. I love how their eyeshadow can blend well with all skin toners and create stunning eyes.

Goldish Eyes available in four beautiful goldfish shades.
Price at MYR59

During the workshop, MR. Hirai San has taught us a lot of Japan makeup skills by using the KATE cosmetics which is so so useful. He show us step by step with every product introduction before he start to apply on the model's face. Although I can't really hear what he said (maybe I stand too far from him) But never mind! My eyes very sharp I can still see this movements LOL besides i've snap some shots during the demo too!

Introduction going on from the friendly PR Ching -An 

Hirai San say hi!

Let's start with the eyebrow shaping :)

Applying eyeshadow and eyeliner by using Goldish Eyes and Slim Gel Pencil

And then shading for the whole face to make it more 3D OMG the model already look like Japanese after the first OL look @.@ I should stand up and get Hirai San to do the makeup for me LOL

So this is her first look which is OL :) So Japanese right?

And then here is for the second look touch up. Add on a little more dark brown on the eyelid and mascara also thicker eyeliner to create the Party Look.

OL vs Party look! Which one u prefer? I like both!! haha

The pretty model & Hirai San

After the demonstration, is our time do mess up the table and tools! hehehe! They provide all the makeup tools for us to play with it even makeup remover >< But I dare not to remove my makeup in front of soooo many pretty girls so I just add on eyeshadow and some eyeliner to make the party look.

Some of the cosmetic they provided.

Eyebrow colour that can make ur eyebrow turn into lighter brownish colour :) Especially made for thick eyebrow like mine! MUST HAVE!!

Lighten up right?! No more fierce eye ><

I think this foundation not bad cause you don't need to apply loose powder after this. It will self turn into powder kind in few second. No more stickiness!

I applied it on my hand to test it, spot the flawless skin?

And here comes the main point of the whole makeup! KATE GOLDISH EYES. This is GD-1. I use this to touch up my whole eye makeup. I kinda like it.

After first touch up before lower eyelid-liner apply

Busy busy!! ><

Opppsy! Messy table! hahaha

The before and after self touch up

One more selca! Party look! LOL

Till then, Food time!

Met these bloggers :) Carmen, Jxhia, Christer and the plus one Esther. 

So sweet of them!

Cute little Jxhia 

My all time accompanied Mifyn!

Tall girl Esther! 

Sweet Carmen :)

Goodie bag time!!

There are a bottle of Kanebo Freshel Whitening Gel, Slim Gel Pencil, & and Kate Goldish Eyes Palette inside our goodie bag. 

Freshel Whitening Gel is one of the best seller 5 in 1 whitening gel. It's a complete skincare after washing your face. 5 functions included lotion, essence, emulsion, cream and moisturising makeup base. It control melanin generation and prevents sots and freckles.  With just one little bottle of this, your daily skincare is done! How cool is that?  

Another must have item from KATE is the SLIM GEL PENCIL. By using it, you may create any types of fine line. The 2mm diameter pencil is easy to draw line. The pencil can be twisted in increments 0.07mm for fine line pencil adjustment. This is prevent too much of the pencil from being let out of the holder. Beware! The pencil cannot be twisted down.  It has 2 different colour which is Deep Black & Natural Brown. My colour is Natural Brown BR-1. Price at MYR44

The last one is the Kate Goldish Eyes palette. I got WT-1 which is ligther :) Can't wait to try it on!

Finally. End this post with one photo of me and Hirai San. I truly enjoy the whole workshop and I gain a lot of new skills on makeup hehehe! Special thanks to Nuffnang that gave me this oppurtonity to join. Hope to join more exciting makeup workshop in future! :)   


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It looks like a lot of fun! So much makeup Hanna

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