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23 June 2013

June Fashion Update

June is all about work work work and work @.@ until I got no time to make some update. Last week I had a little gateway with boyfie and his team member. We went to Phuket. Is our first time to Phuket and is way too awesome than I aspected! Of course I will blog about it :) Wait for me I need some times to arrange over 1k photo >< One thing to be sad of is my skin become very tan now *cry out loud* Since I know Phuket is a beautiful place so I bought some cloth and did a photoshoot in our hotel room. 

All cloth from Twenty3

Peach color is always my favourite. With peplum design on waist makes the dress looks more feminine.  Cut in shoulder is my first choice for dress! 

Featuring the flora cardigan here. I pair it with a babypink stud singlet and a lace short :) I think flora print design should match with something simple. 

American Flag vintage swimwear! But i feel its too fancy to wear this outside alone and the top is kinda big for my mini booby T.T I dare not to wear it to the beach >< But i kinda like this design and is my first swimwear with this design. 

Self Manufactured Marilyn Monroe Dress. Wear it in many ways! Selling at RM69 :) 

Visit :


Hanna Lei said...

I think it is really hard to pull off a swimsuit like that. It looks nice though. Hanna Marie

Quang Hue said...

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Thanks very much Anerly for a talk with investigative agents and whom it may concern.

huicy said...

hi, may i know where did u get the swimwear? thank you =)

Vivian Yuen said...

The peach dress looks amazing on you~



Chee Eng said...

where did u get ur beige flat yea?

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