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25 June 2013

I'm a shoe lover ❤

I love buying shoe. I wonder why... maybe its because all the display shoe is my size and I don’t need to ask for assistant from staff  I can directly pick and try it on. My dad used to nag me *yea my dad*, he always said that if I bring my shoe to sell I will earn..and my face turn like =.= I love all my shoe okay? No matter is new or old, I just love them all. Today I’m gonna do a review on a shoe shop which I feel good to share with y’all :) Did you heard about Toptown Shop? I guess most of you familiar with this name for Penang people. They sell online and they even own a shop which located at Juru Auto-City Shop In The Park. I personally feels that their shoe is slightly different with those we seen in mall. Toptown’s shoe is more on Japanese and Korean style. Basically I love Korean and Japanese style and that’s why TopTown’s shoe!

I did photoshoot with the shoes matching with my own outfit. Will have 4 different style. I will also a fashion post :D Photo of me credit to le boyfie which improve a lot in his photography skills hahaha. 

Middle heels with a heart shape design in front part. This shoe is more on OL so I pair it with a skater skirt and a plain tank top. Make it simple and nice. And the plus point of this design is the front part is slightly round pointed so leg will looks longer.

Details of the shoe.

Pointy casual flats. I like it coz it can match with long legging or jeans which create a little more European x rocker feel LOL *cool kid wanna be* I pair it with a grey color houndstooth legging and a long singlet tee with peace studs! Casual and relaxing~

For your info, TopTown Shop is actually become a shoe brand than a normal shop name.

Details of the shoe. One more color which is in white.

I love this sandal the most coz it has tassels! This kind of sandal can match with a lot of outfit such as, maxi, shorts, skater skirt and more…another type of easy matching shoe! Thumbs up!! I simply pair with a stripe crop top and a skirt pants that I bought from BKK previously J

Details J It has another color which is in black.

This is a platform heels. I love it coz its mint green. But is also has 3 more different color which is purple, pink, and beige. All pastel color! Since is a special mint green color and so coincidence I have a dress with the same color so I wore the dress with the heels and it turn a little vintage right?

Details J

One more thing should be mention is the packaging of their shoes. The shoe box mostly come in plastic form with handle. Very convenient even without a plastic bag but im sure they will provide you plastic bag for the shoe J

Transparent shoe box with logo printed. So pretty and special!!

TopTown Shop
Outlet: Auto City-Shop in the park
F2- Shop in the park, Jalan Perusahaan, Auto-City, North-South Highway Juru Interchange, Prai, 13600 Prai, Pulau Pinang.
Contact: 012-4210662
Working hours 7.30p.m to 12a.m

Don’t forget to visit their Fan Page for more pretty shoes:

Last but not least, special thanks to Number Nine Studio for the studio rent and my personal photographer ❤


Hanna Lei said...

These photos look great. Very professional seeming! Hanna Marie

Anonymous said...

omg!! was using nexF3 to shoot? and you edited all the pics?

anerly said...

Sharon: yes all by ned F3...ya got edit colour :)

Anonymous said...

hello, normally the price is ranging from ?

Anonymous said...

what is ur shoe size? :)

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