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27 June 2013

Phuket, Thailand vol.1

Hello all :) I just can't wait to post all the photo for Phuket trip that happened on last week. Seriously, I had so much fun cause literary is my very first time to Phuket and all that I can say about this island is awesome!!! It's such a beautiful island with friendly people. Imma feeling myself turn like an 'ang mo' *in hokkien* tourist there XD wearing casual summer wear all day long with slipper is so so nice and enjoyable!
We went down to KL a day before cause I wanted to get something from KLCC that been in my wishlist for so long >< Finally I got it!! Will share it :) *be patient* We stayed at Le Apple Boutique Hotel which located at Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang. Very near to shopping mall. Thanks Penny book the hotel for us.

We booked a room for 3. Price at RM200++ with one double bed and one single bed. Room not too small but very comfortable and clean. 

3 of us sleep less than 3 hours that night before our flight at 7:30 in the next morning. Destination from our hotel to LCCT is quite far need around 45min to reach and also we need to check in our fight 2hrs before. So...WE WOKE UP AT 3AM AND WE SLEPT AT 1AM >< wtf!! 

Yet we are still very excited about the trip so who care?! hahaha! Done packing and headed to airport, we mange to reach on time to have breakfast at Mcdonald before check in and changed our special design MPA red color group t-shirt for this trip! LOL 

 Nice Tee?! #OOTD

 #1 Vivi & McBotak

 #2 Yunhou, Keith, Jackson, Caryne

#3 Penny

#5 US! Taken these photo while waiting for our tour guide from Thailand planning our trip :) 

Lunch first before heading to hotel at Patong Beach. The meehoon on the right top photo is extremely spicy *to me* I wonder how the boyfie still can finish it all >< Ewwwww....the bottom right photo is my soup meehoon! Healthy one =P 

My fav Penny! 

After lunch have a group shot with ze girls :) vivi, caryne, khuan, giselle. 

 Walk into a small street where our hotel is located inside

 Super small rectangle swimming pool -.-

I like this root design!

Our room!! Kinda big thou

After settle down our stuff and wait no more to start to roll!! First is to act like a Mat Rempit with our bike >< Rent 6 bikes and start our Batong bike tour LOL Its kinda windy that day so alright not really hot yet. One thing to mention, the helmet is so so sooooo smelly!!! fml >< I dare not to take the helmet out until return the bike to them.

I wanted to rent this one but too bad it's someone else's :( Not for rent. 

Their happy face :D 

After 2 hours ride all hungry like hell so decided to drop by road side and we found this moving stall. Again..spicy mee >< 

FantaSea visiting is a must at Phuket! 

Ohla! Typical tourist shot with the greeting entertainer :)

This guys is amazing!! 

Elly all around! 

 Time for buffet dinner in FantaSea! Heard that their buffet unlike we seen normally coz its BIG! 
From Zone A to Zone BCDEFGH.....HUGE!

They even serve vegan :) Lovely~ The fried union ring is slurrppy! 

After dinner we went to walk around the area while waiting the show to start. Honestly I almost fell asleep during the show :( Im sorry to say that is quite boring but not until the neon flying people and the chicken running part! LOL 

Extreme washroom design @.@
I like this part so much!! It looks amazing! 

Night 1 supper 

Day2! Island tour for today :) Will be visit 3 island which is JamesBond Island, Hong Island & Panak Island. Then back to Patong Beach. We will experience canoe-ing, sea swimming....too bad we don't have enough time to go for snorkelling and diving :( Next time!! 

Walking towards our boat! Long distanceeeeeee~

1,2,3..the third one is our boat!!

Sun kissing ~.~ this is one of the reason I get my skin dark now T.T

First stop, James Bond island

After James Bond Island, we headed to Hong Island for canoeeeee~~~ *excited* Maximum 4 person included the crew in one canoe! It's really fun!! And the to Panak Island too :) 

What's wrong with you baby?!


pink canoe <3 

Part of the group :) 

My god. This post take me hours to complete. Full of picture! I guess I need to stop overflowing this post with pictures and will continue the next days soon :) Stay Tuned! Time to sleep. 

Goodnight world :x 


Hanna Lei said...

The island looks like so much fun! Hanna Marie

Anonymous said...

How you tie your day in day 2? I have been trying it but never work out like yours

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