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1 July 2013

Club Asahi at Penang

Back in last Friday I was invited by Malaysia's Hottest Blogger (MHB) to join the Club Asahi Miami that happened at Soju Room, Penang. We got VIP passed, thank you MHB :) Apparently it is my first time joining Club Asahi,  I know that the previous one was Asahi Japan so this time will be Asahi Miami. I was actually just came back from Phuket that day. Reach home around 6pm due to super jam during time 5-6 >< I was really in a hurry cause we need to show up at 9pm the worst part is I don't even have time to eat!! Yea I know right no drink before food :( besides, im kinda tired too.

Ze girls from MHB. From left: KAte, Steph, and Fion. Nice meeting you all :) Photo credit to AndyKho

Club Asahi is a new, unique platform to be entertained, be inspired and be in the forefront in igniting endless possibilities. Also, it aims to deliver an awesome night for clubbers by making every possible effort to raise the Malaysian clubbing scene into the next level. Successful consumer activation for Asahi in Malaysia, complementing Asahi’s past sponsorships of Malaysian raves and music festivals such as Swedish House Mafia, Future Music Festival Asia and Dash Berlin.
Since it is a party night so don't care just mother father party hard!! XD Is good that you know party with all the girls cause's my very first time club without the boyfie...He was busy that night so dint manage to join me. HE WILL REGRET well he already regret actually LOL cause I told him right after the event how awesome is Asahi Miami!! As I know Club Asahi parties are come to satisfy the insatiable Asahi fans who expect an ultimate clubbing experience featuring best trends of electronic dance music coupled with an exclusive drinking experience in the country’s best clubs. The crowd was so crazy throughout the whole night and I really enjoy so much! Till then, picture time :D

 The crowd from early 11pm

Ma best shot of the night lol

Star of the night! DJ Henrix’s set

Kryoman’s performance (robot gear)
Super cool!! 

Nice to meet you Kate 

Asahi beer is quite nice to drink but too bad I cant have much cause no food before beer LOL and the most importantly, drink responsibly

Hellowww my lovely Penang bloggers ^^



 My lovely girls came all the way from KL to the party!! Sooo happy to see them around *blowingkissesss* So sad that couldn't bring them for nice Penang food cause they rushing back to KL right after the event :( 


My outfit for the party :) 
Dress from Her Wishlist | Clutch from MiuMiu 

I went back earlier due to i'm very hungry and sleepy for the hectic day. But overall I was pretty amaze with the whole event cause the crowd as real crazy! Hope the next Asahi will held in Penang too. Last but not least, thanks again to MHB for the invite.

Goodnight :x


Hanna Lei said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Hanna

Vivian Yuen said...

You look gorgeous! love your dress



ChrisK said...

Greetings! I came across your blog while looking for clubs and events in Penang. Is Soju room a happening place? Will be visiting Penang Island this weekend, what's the top 3 clubs/bars there? Appreciate your advice. Thank you!

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