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5 July 2013

Phuket, Thailand vol.2

I just came back from KL yesterday. Went down to KL just to accompany boyfie for his work as I know he will be so boring working alone :) Great to say that I finally met some long lost friend there as well. I've posted a video of them while having our dinner date at Caffeinees. Crazy them! haha
Today isn't gonna blog about KL but is about Phuket. Gonna be the last post about Phuket.

This is the last 2 days in Phuket. We simply had a short city tour to Phuket Shooting Range & beach. But before that I would like to bring you to have some walk at night Patong Beach. Most of them went to watch thai girl show but not for us >< I personally feel disgusting for that show. So end up we went for some walk around.
A unique shop nearby our hotel. Selling all handmade souvenir and stuff

Tutu car in action! lol 

 Shopping mall, had our dinner there. 

A random hotel's lounge 

Crepe again :D supper!

 45min foot massage for only 200bath. Seriously is my first time experience such relaxing foot massage! 

Add on pedicure with total of 250bath only @.@

The next day..

Not gonne let the headphone down of your ears!!

He is ready for his very first shooting experience


I din't try the shooting game cause I worry about the gun's weight :( 

ATV my favourite!!!! I tried this!! It's awesomeeee

 Selca while resting at the rest area while the others are playing the racing kart. 

Hi :) 

I know right, we are sooo free to be silly! LOL 

Ice cream is a must during hot whether! 

This is not crepe anyway. It's something like our Roti Canai but with topping! I think this is more tasty than the ordinary crepe we had.

Next stop. Temple visiting. It's too hot out there so we decided to take some rest in car but don't know why become selca session hahaha

Till then, it's beach time!!


Those guy playing like kid seriously 

Going back on the next morning. Had so much fun with MPA group and I love Phuket. Should plan a honeymoon trip with le boyfie next :) 


Hanna Lei said...

This blog post makes me want to go to phuket so bad! Hanna Marie

Vivian Yuen said...

Really lovely photos!~



Anonymous said...

Hi, nice pics! What camera are u using?

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