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10 July 2013

July's misc

Time to got y'all some pretty stuff update! It's been around 2 months I din't really buy small things like accessories, phone case etc. I intend to be more focus on skincare, healthcare and cosmetic. I received two goods from i.Licious this month which is an ipad mini cover and a phone cover. I been wanted a very simple yet stylish ipad mini cover so bad cause the one im using is already turn into dark pink instead of babypink =.= therefore I wish to get one in black yet not too boyish one. Thus Jess, the owner of i.Licious recommended me her new arrival of Monroe's Kiss series from Korea :)

This is it. Very girly yet stylish right? I love the hot pink lips so much even the lines are full of lipsy! 

Quality of the whole case is so good even the stitching is perfect. 

The inner part's design is full of hot pink color and it has a few slot where you can store your noted or cards.  

It comes with a chain as well. So elegant huh?

I prefer ipad mini cause it's easy to carry and its light in weight. Although the screen is smaller but for me it's enough to read blogs and website. 

I think I din't put on a phone cover like for more than 2 months but I don't know why. Maybe is I couldn't find the one I really adore or I just be too lazy to change cause I already had my phone sticker fully covered. Then I got this soft cover from i.Licious as well. I choose the Moca bear design it's because of the colour >< I don't want my case to get dirty easily so I guess choose the dark color will be the best! Further more, the bear is cute enough right? I like it's cheek!! hahahahaha 
I kinda like it's soft and smooth touch Jess even got me a Moca earcap as well! Perfect match! Even le boyfie says my phone now looks more like a toy phone LOL 

Before end, I wanna introduce one Magic Cream to who that want to have fairer skin! Cathy Doll's products are all formulated in Korea and made in Thailand. I got this from  Mi So 미소 Enterprise. They fully recommend me with this L-Glutathione magic cream where you can use in on face & body. 

Glutathione is involved in many processes in the body, including tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body, and for the immune system.

I tried it on my body and my skin get instantly fairer! The texture of the cream is slightly sticky, if you are the person who don't like stickiness then do not apply too much on your skin :) In addition, it can also helps to prevent harmful uv ray and help to protect your skin with high SPF. This cream came just in time after my Phuket trip! I want my original skin tone back!! 
The packaging is soooo soooo cute right? As I know, a lot of Thailand artist are using products from Cathy Doll cause they have a range of whitening products. You know how hot the weather in Thailand and they still manage to keep their skin fair, I guess this might be one of their secret maybe *evil smile*

Till then, I'm gonna stop here and back to edit photos taken during my latest trip to Betong, Thailand :) Will post up soon cause I think it's a very nice and relaxing place to share with y'all. Stay Tuned alright? 


Hanna Lei said...

The ipad mini case looks so nice. Hanna Marie

Vivian Yuen said...

Lovely ipad case! thank you for sharing this magic cream~



tomoktommy said...

Hai guys do visit for Cathy Doll products and lace materials. Thanks.

Crystal said...

can you wear a bb cream on top or a foundation and is it extremely lightning because I only want to get rid of my dark spots

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