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24 July 2013

Happening Sunday at Piknik Cafe Super-Flea

I'm sure that most of you knew that I (Dovey Diary) was one of the vendor in Pik Nik Cafe for the Super-Flea on last Sunday! It was a very successful flea market! The crowd is good and all the vendors there were in different style and selling special stuff I'm happy and glad to be one of them! The Super-Flea included vendors from fashion to handmade and vintage. It's really fun to have such a flea market happen in Penang :) *pls pls do it again* 

This is the first part after entrance. My place at left hand side right after the entrance door. 

Props for sale! Flowery bag and flowery suit sold out :D 

Thank you so much who made it to visit and had fun with us! Dovey Diary was the first stall right infront of the entrance. All the space is not big but it's warm! Stay with each other side by side even though we do not know each other but we made it became friends right after! ^^ Once again *i don't know i've been thanking her for how many times* but still thank you for being there to help for the whole day Tan Penny! Without you I might get bored LOL

A for Anerly! LOL But the A is already there >< Not I bring one! My simple decoration hahaha


Volunteer helper of the day!! 

Act busy meh?? No I really busy one hahahahaha 

Another section, inner part :) 

 During time around 4-5pm was a band there to perform too bad my place isn't on that side but still can hear their voice! It's awesome!! 

Me and my neighbour! They are so cute! 

Opposite neighbour! LOL 

Thanks for my legs too! ><

Had a great Sunday! Outfit of the day :) 
White tank top from Cotton On | Hotpink belt from Charles & Keith | Skirt from random shop | Leather bag from my mom :D | Flats from Melissa x Pedro

Last but not least, pictures with the cute Ernest Zacharevic :) You know him?? 


Vivian Yuen said...

You are so pretty hun! Lovely venue as well~



Hanna Lei said...

I think having a flea would be so stressful. Hanna Marie

Anonymous said...

hihi.. u r so pretty

Anonymous said...

hair tutorial please... is your hair permamnent curl ? are you using babyliss?
when u going to do a tutorial for the babyliss yah? im looking forward to it :)

karmencheak said...

Hey Anerly, it's nice being your neighbor the other day! I am Karmen from Wonderism. Hope we'll get another chance to participate in another flea event again! Nice meeting you :)

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