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26 July 2013

Beauty products of the month

Since i've mentioned several times about me so into purchasing skincare and body care products, i'm here today to share with you some of them that I really like. So lets start with skincare. I been seeing alot of Taiwanese blogger share about products from Bevy.C and mostly all are good feedback, even Taiwanese model are using their products too! Hence I start to search online retail shop that selling this product, then I found Hermo :) As I know most of Hermo's products are from Taiwan and Korea so I guess they might have product of Bevy.C as well *wink* Gone through their website and I finally found this! The Lumiwhite Moist Up Elixir 光透幻白 妝前保濕精華! It's actually a hydrating essence with whitening effect. As from my research, their range of skincare is base on hydrating & moisturising.

Non sticky type is my all time fav!

Another thing about this essence is you can blend it with your BB cream or foundation to level up the hydrating effect. Basically foundation will cause our skin dehydrate if you wear it for the whole day. So pad a few drops on your face before foundation and add few drops of Bevy.C 妝前保濕精華 will makes your make up stays hydrated and longer lasting :) 

Next is body care products. For this month I got myself a Pure Heal's shea butter body lotion and a Beauty Q foot mask from Hermo as well. My skin get so so dry these day and I don't know why :( Maybe I get late night sleep recently and the whether is killing. And for the foot mask, is my first time to try out! Always wear sandals setting up stall in hot days makes my foot dry and even peeling at the heel part. Therefore I guess foot mask will helps hehe

Due to it's made of shea butter so I might be a little oily when you apply, but not that kind of greasy feel, just a little oily :) And it smells goooood~ My skin gets instantly moisture!

Tear off the double sided sticker and wrap your feet with it!

Is better to wear socks after wrapping, easy to walk :) Then wait for around 60-90 minutes and wash gently with water will do. I won't show the result yet cause it might takes around 5-7 days for dead skin to peel off automatically and I don't think you want to see my ugly foot don't you?! XD 

Till then, this is it I want to share with y'all :) Sometimes we need to spend some times to pamper our body too! Not just our face. Up next I might share the cosmetic part :) 


Vivian Yuen said...

Thank you for sharing Anerly~



Hanna Lei said...

The feet wraps look really interesting. -Hanna Marie

Janet Tiong said...

Cant wait to see the outcome!

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