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30 July 2013

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Colour Cosmetic

I finally received another parcel from 100% Pure. If you missed out, here is the previous post about this brand. Its all about cosmetics this time!! I did tried on their cosmetics and I love it :) Although is fully pure from fruit pigment colour but they came with shocking outcome, seriously. The eyeshadow colour are lasting and obvious. And the lipstick colour wont get my lips dry. At first I thought their cosmetic products performance won't be that strong or maybe the colour won't stay but, I'M TOTALLY WRONG!! You will see the result in my photos :) Scroll it XD

From left: lip & cheek tint, lip glaze, mascara, eye shadow, blush. 

Lets get start with the eyeshadow. This is cocoa plum colour, and of course it made from cocoa colour pigment too! 

See the colour? A very natural brown colour with a little shimmer :) The lower photo taken when done brushing mascara and applying eyeliner!

Second is the blackberry colour pigment mascara. As you can see the is not an ordinary black colour mascara thou, it come in brownish/ purplish colour. It doesn't make your lash more volume but lengthening effect is good! And it smells a little berry~ hehehe!

This lip and cheek tint is a little oily. So I don't recommend you use it as a cheek tint however use it as a lip tint will keep your lips looks glossy and lite.

This is my fav after all! The strawberry colour pigment blusher!! The colour effect is way better than I aspected :D 

See my natural blush?! Although it's from strawberry but it won't smell too much like strawberry. No artificial fragrance ma ;)

Lip glaze! A little orangie colour~ Easy to apply and it's glossy without using a lip gloss ^^

Till then this is my overall make up by using 100% Pure cosmetic products! I love how I can have a healthy make up with pure products that won't harm my skin *wink*

To cosmetic product link HERE 

There is always a good news for my readers!! 

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Vivian Yuen said...

Thank you for sharing! really love the lip glaze~



Hanna Lei said...

The eyeshadow is so pretty. -Hanna Marie

Maple Shuh Hong said...

thank you for sharing =), I can't get bored reading 100% pure review blog, and u r pretty!

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

so pretty =)
love blusher to max

jun said...

thanks for sharing! i love their lipsticks too <3
now i'm tempted to try on their blusher after reading your review!

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