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1 August 2013

Bkk Siam Centre x Asiatique Visit

Totally forget about this trip till I accidentally found all the photos @.@ Literally is another overdue againnnn. In order to waste my effort in snapping all the photos, I decided to have a write up for them lol.

For the first time ever I went to Siam Centre and Asiatique The River Front. It was almost more than a year since the last trip to Bangkok. So I probably I have enough excuse to do a note down here right? And like finally I made it to try the Mr. Jones' Orphanage. The shop is so creative and cute. I wonder how the owner come out with this idea.

Childhood soldier toys!

Their cakes were too many kind of choices until I don't know which one I should try ~.~ All seems delicious! 

 Cookie monster eating cookie!! LOL 

Kit Kat x M&M..So chocolaty!!

Yours truly <3 

Sorry, I totally forget the name of the cakes I ordered :( But I know the first one is coconut, 2nd is strawberry velvet & 3rd is Oreo flavour. 

After filling up my stomach, decided to have a walk in Siam Centre to discover all the unique design boutique and shops! Some of their interior design is too awesome! 

Seriously I really like all their design of every shop! If is me, I wouldn't come out with these ideas..really. How I wish I can design my own shop in future hehehe! 

Even the Food Republic are way decorative than we have in KL lol 

Fruit punch :) 

Aww I like this tiger head *rawwwrr*

Then headed to Asiatique by boat / ferry :) It's another amazing sight seeing place! Quite a unique place with restaurants and small souvenir shop around. I think is a must go place if you visit Bangkok, im sure you will like this place!

Blue blue sky

Till then, end of today's short travel update :) By the way, shoe from Bkk. 


Hanna Lei said...

Those cookie monster cupcakes are so cute. -Hanna Marie

shixian said...

Hi, anerly may I know what camera you are using to snap your photos? They look amazing:)

Anonymous said...

Aww I always enjoy your posts so much because the photos are well taken and post-processed. ^__^

Shuenny said...

I love your photography!! Thanks for the info too going there end of this year. :D

shin shin hailey said...

I like your shooting skills, so niceee!!!

cheryl chan said...

I can't believe I went there but didn't realize about this Mr Jones Orphanage! *mouth agape*
Shall go there again!

Anonymous said...

Howdy Anerly, what is the camera you used to take photos at BKK? Really love the color

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