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9 August 2013

Opus Jay World Tour 2013

You know what, I still can't get rid of Jay's concert until now >< It's been over a week now...I'm not a Jay fans before this, but after watching his concert I would say I AM now!! How can he be so adorable and talented one?! My god!!! His concert was freaking awesome! He is amazing!!! Sorry for being such 38 / sua gu >< Err.....feel a little embarrass to say that this is my first to watch a proper concert and I think I made the right choice to watch Jay's first hahahahaha! It's worth more than the ticket price lah~ Okay laa...I took alot of pictures and I think you don't want to read my nonsense intro anymore LOL. Skip to picturessss :D

Let you see my happy face first :D Super crowded!!! 

Our very first time to watch concert! XD

I bought the pick neon stick without the star shape. Jay loves hot pink?!


Damn excited!! *screammmmmmmm* :D 

After like 30mins.......
He is finally here with a great intro! Scream again!!

He even bring the Roof Top here as a short musical performance!! So nice!

Twinkle twinkle purple star -.- keep on popping out when I wan to snap photo  Grrrrr!

 Excellent stage lighting, design and the motion graphics!

This melt my heart ~~~

This acapella group is sooo awesome! 

Combo songs singing on-the-go

Never stop yelling encore encore! XD 

And then he came up with this 3D illusion performance, omg love it!!


2nd time encore with these super colourful J's balloon! I wish I was in down there T.T

Finale song 陽光宅男 >< I don't wanna leave~~~~ I love you Jay!!! 

I do took alot of pictures but don't feel like putting all here cause you might feel dizzy lol I just choose the best to share with y'all and I think is enough d right? The concert ended around 11.30pm and we din't manage to take LRT back to Pudu =.= Then we walk back from Hang Tuan >< It was tired and thirsty! We even met Jay at Jalan Alor during supper @.@ So lucky! But din't manage to take picture with him, bodyguard surrounded. Sad! 
I really really felt so happy to watch his concert especially watch with my love hehe. Jay sang alot of our fav songs and he perform so well, really enjoy it to the max. He even showing his 6packs for like 2mins?! haha I not sure how is other artist's concert look like, but to me Jay did well with alot of surprise performance. He created a very good tacit agreement with his band. You know what, his song use to inspired me alot during high school, I can sing almost all of his song XD After all, its a super AWESOME and PREFECT concert ever!! I will never missed out his concert since then <3 


Vinchi Lee said...

Bravo concert !! U never regret to watch him ♥♥ me watched third time d

Hanna Lei said...

This looks like i'd be so much fun. -Hanna Marie

Anonymous said...

Hi! Pretty~~ how do u curl ur lovely hair?? could u share with me???

Anonymous said...

Can i know wat camera r u using? ur photos r so clear!

Anonymous said...

oh god!!!! wish i was there!!! i am a fan of Jay Chou since secondary skul!!!

Anonymous said...

May i ask what camera were you using?

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