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16 August 2013

Visiting AGift With Care

Back in weeks before I visited to AGift new outlet at Paragon Mall :) It was my pleasure to get invite by them cause I know their business set is kinda different. In which way? Let me tell you a little about them. AGift is a social business that provides special people (People with Special needs, henceforth) with job opportunities and sustainable income, through selling of perfume and personal care products. It's a very special business concept to sell products and at the same times provides employment opportunities to the special people in becoming financially self-reliant, enhance confidence and instil a sense of self-worth in special people through real outcomes. Further more, is to raise public awareness about and eliminate negative stereotypes towards special people. I felt this is meaning full and lovely <3 Big claps for them!

These are the 3 major ways on how AGift helps better lives of them: 
  1. Provide job opportunities to the special people by utilising their talent in decorating the perfumes bottles. A negotiated wage will be paid to them.
  2. Every products sold, a certain amount is set aside for their charity partners.
  3. After their financial year audit, they will donate a significant 20% of the profits after tax to the charity partners.

Speaking in their products. They sells perfume and personal care like shower creme, lotion, shampoo and etc with paraben free" & "mineral oil free. No doubt about their product's quality, cause it will never let you down. I love their shampoo and lotion so much, i've been using for weeks. And for their perfume, they do smells good. Many kind of cute hand decorated perfume bottles by special person. There are 4 different kind of perfume such as Benevolence, Passionate, Grace & Courage. Each perfume has their own story as well :)

Benevolence (an inclination towards performing charitable acts) : Benji, the white elephant on the packaging  has a leg that is shorter than others. He had difficulty walking, and did not dare to explore the forest alone. One day, he came across a herd of elephants and befriended them. His new friends guided him everywhere, including the forest. Now Benji no longer fears the forest and can enjoy its beauty like all the other animals.  
- Unisex 

Passionate (having, or compelled by intense emotion or a strong feeling of positive affinity) : Life is boring without something or someone you are passionate about. The hands on the packaging embrace the beautiful flowers, the bright and shinning sun, and the little things that are wonderful in life. We only have one life to live! Make it count. 
- For her 

Grace (grace is favor of good will, mercy and pardon) : Grace has a terrible childhood but has a heart of gold. The worst in life can some-times bring out the best in us. Grace's tears become something beautiful. 
-For her

Courage (the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger and pain without fear) : Sometimes in life you have to challenge yourself to new limits, making tough decisions that would set you in a whole new direction. or doing what you have to do despite of fear. That is the meaning of true courage. 

I smells all of it and I love them all >< 

For your info, you actually don't know which design is in the box until you bring it home and unwrap it. But if you like any specific design and you wish to buy it, just simply add on RM2 to get the design you desire but trust me every design is nice and cute with full of heart and love. It also come in 2 sizes, which is big 60ml (RM59.90) and small 25ml (RM32.90)

Aren't the hand paint nice?? :) 

All the perfume just smell so good, I don't which I should pick =.= ( I picked Grace)

Little chick inside! Cuteness overload!

I super like the perfume box. The illustration is nice <3

RM32.90 ( I pick Nutritious Cocktail) 

From left: hand & body lotion, shower creme, shower scrub.

Fruit & Vege Cocktaildeeply refreshing shower crème serves as a canopy to protect your skin against free radicals - a suggested cause of aging. Antioxidant rich ingredients, such as broccoli, pomegranate and olive oil will let you face the elements with confidence, while cucumber will soothe your skin, leaving it soft and supple.

Active Ingredients in Fruits & Vege Cocktail
Broccoli  +  Pomegranate  +  Cucumber  +  Olive

Flower Cocktailmoisturising shower crèmeaccelerates process of combating roughness, dullness and pigmentation. Enriched with sakura, chamomile and sunflower oil, this shower crème contains essential fatty acids that will leave your skin smooth, rehydrated and ready for nutrient absorption.
Active Ingredients in Flower Cocktail
Sakura  +  Sunflower Seed Oil  +  Chamomile

Nutritious Cocktailcreamy, hydrating shower crème gently will replenish your skin with essential vitamins and minerals, giving you a youthful glow.  Soy extracts, honey, yogurt and goat’s milk work together to cleanse your skin, restoring its natural moisture barrier.

Active Ingredients in Nutritious Cocktail
Soybean + Yogurt  +  Goat Milk  +  Honey 

Herb Cocktailinvigorating shower crème deeply cleanses and calms skin. Enriched with natural energising extracts, including ginseng, licorice, pegaga (Centella Asiatica) and alpha bisabolol (derived from a medicinal tree), this herbal cocktail will revitalise your skin, leaving it firm, supple and naturally radiant.
Active Ingredients in Herb Cocktail
Ginseng  +  Pegaga  +  Licorice  +  Natural Alpha Bisabolol

Sharon using the shower creme & shower scrub to wash my hand. I can feel the shower foam is very smooth and the bubble is thick. After wash you won't feel tightness on your skin meanwhile refreshing! 

See the result after scrub and wash? Instantly smoother and brighter. For shower scrub they only have one kind which is the Nutritious Cocktail 125ml RM27.90.

Most of the lotions are not sticky and most importantly they smells gooood (I pick Fruit & Vege) 200ml RM45.90 

Shampoo 300ml RM32.90
Conditioner 125ml RM19.90

No other choice, they only have Fruit & Vege. I been using the shampoo and conditioner for weeks and I really love it from the texture of the foam and non oily conditioner to the smells. It leave my hair clean, soft and smells fresh! Especially the conditioner, it leave a long lasting smells on your hair and most importantly it won't oily and can easily wash off after apply ^^ The boyfie will like it LOL 

99% Anti-Bacterial Handwash. It's rainbow colour if you notice :) ( I pick mulberry extract) RM6.50 
you can read about each colour HERE

Besides, they provide gift box service as well where you can pick your item and let wrap as a gift for your friends or family even your love one :) 

Cute booklet of AGift background and mission. 

Bring your empty AGift product bottle to get instant 5% rebate! Recycle <3 

Photo with Sharon :) she's such a cutie pie. Thanks for briefing me patiently about products!
OOTD: Top from KissAndTell | Skirt from Topshop | Heel from Charles & Keith | LV bag 

Thanks AGift <3 

Feel free to take a trip to their website (AGift With Care | the Simplest Way Of Caring) to know more about their concept and how they care for those who needed. 
FB Fan Page to show some support AGift With Care

I feel great to share this to you and I feel myself doing charity. Sincerely hope you can try their products and help those who needed as well <3 Before end, show you a video that taken during the opening :)


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The perfume bottles are fantastic. I love the unique look. Hanna Lei

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Love the illustration~ and such a great video!



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may i know your LV bag's model? thx ^^

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