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19 July 2013

Phuket Haul

Almost forget about this post, I should have post this weeks ago right after the last post about Phuket. Stupid me totally missed out this draft :(
Remember I went to KL first before flying to Phuket? hehehe I bought something which been in my wishlist for a long time hehehe! Okay laa...Don't wanna act mystery already. I bought a Balenciaga Arena Giant Silver Bracelet in Coral Rose colour at KLCC. Is like FINALLY I BOUGHT IT!! So happy about it! At first my aim is to buy darker colour like navy blue, dark purple, black or grey but currently all sold out >< And this season all the new colour is in bright tone. But is okay laa...coral rose colour is nice too and because of this my favourite colour suddenly turn into coral rose LOL I even bought a bag with similar colour from Charles & Keith hahaha

Here it is, my new love :D Nice not?! 

Then I bought 2 flats from Melissa at Phuket, one of the mall at Patong Beach. The reason why I bought 2 is because they were having opening sales with 25% discount, does not because im rich okay LOL besides, the color are nice too! Got my favourite coral rose~ hahahaha! 

This is the pair of flats that i'm wearing quite often these days, errr should say almost everyday im wearing it. It's Melissa x Pedro Lourenco piece :) I love cause it's in gradient colour design.

And this is the well known Melissa x Vivienne Westwood :) Nice color! Haven't start wearing yet~ 

Chloe miniature perfume set ...I was walking around at the duty free shop at the airport and I spotted Chloe's. Walk nearer to try the smells and I pretty like it. At first I was thinking to buy the actual size one, but is too big for a person who don't really use perfume tried to find miniature set but they don't have it. I realise that buying perfume at Thailand's airport isn't that cheap thou, I bought this is LCCT actually. It's really much cheaper. 

I did one collage of my daily outfit pairing with some of the items above and the coral bag LOL *i think i've mention about coral for several time and I felt myself annoyed* All photo are from my Instagram, well you'll probably seen these photos if you followed me. But if you don't, PLEASE DO SO follow my Instagram: @anerlyfang :) Thank you! 

Forget to bring my lappy charger out today. Battery left less than 25% now. Feel good to sitting here alone at Starbucks with my lovely Caramel Machiato and write further about this post :) 
Time to go home! Happy Friday everyone! 


Sinn Xian said...

Hey, Can I know how much and the size you get for the Melissa x Vivienne Westwood flats red colour in Phuket? cause I am calling my friend to get it at Phuket.. Hope you will reply me, because I want it badly.. Thanks alot anerly.. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey ,how much u buy chloe perfume ??all same smell or different ?thanks

Joey wong,jb

Isabel said...

Nice shoes!

Anonymous said...

Where you bought the black polka dot high waisted shorts? How much is it?
Thanks in advance!

Hanna Lei said...

I love the bracelet that you bough. So pretty. Hanna Marie

anerly said...

Sinn Xian: my size is 36, bought it at around RM220++
Joey: The perfume I bought at below RM180, there are 3 diff smells :)
The high waist pants I bought it long time ago...not sure from where :(

JieYin Chong said...

Can I know how much you bought the bracelet ?I want it badly but I need to know how much it cost :)Please reply me.Thank you

anerly said...

JieYin: I bought it at RM790 :)

Yue Xiang said...

may i know the actual size of chloe perfume also got cheaper than malaysia?

Sinn Xian said...

Anerly, do you rmb the mall name at patong beach? Really urgent!! Thanks ya lots!!

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