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16 July 2013

Just Something Cafe

Finally I have time to update my lovely blog and finally I made it to visit Just Something! This cafe pretty famous in Butterworth now. Since i'm from Butterworth that will be a must to go!! I went there once but too bad that night they were having private party >< *bad luck* This time I finally manage to visit hehe. I went there last night with Huiling & Christina. It's been a while I din't catch up with them, besides as their belated birthday dinner too! Both of them just celebrated their birthday not long ago.

Speaking about this cafe, I really like the whole decoration cause it's not over vintage yet it's cozy. I feel like sitting there for the whole day. But they only open from 7:30pm onwards (heard one of the boss said maybe they might to open full day on Sunday) I actually took quite alot of pictures and fooling around with the bosses! hahaha They are fun people I can say!

No worry you can fill your stomach with pastas, cakes, snacks and of course drinks as well! Huiling & Christina ordered one Chicken Bolognese Pasta and Cabonara while I ordered one Cheese Cake with blueberry flavour. Their food is nice :) As for drinks we ordered Honey Chrysanthemum Tea, we love it!! All food are homemade. 

After food I begin to walk around to snap photos! That night many people dining and chilling there but I just don't care cause I wan pretty picture to show y'all! *big sacrifice* LOL Their decorations is more on homestyle with cusions and alot of small creative thingy! Wait till I show you alright? hehehe 

School desk spotted!

Old time toys and stuff 

Just make yourself comfort! hahaah I say one >< 

All are my childhood fav!

Half scene :) 

Girls of the night! Happy Belated Birthday to both of you *hugsssss*

Selfie of the night :x

Okay the last part is pretty epic >< We started to fool around with those epic animal mask and lizard. 

Say hi to Mr. Cow & Mr. Horse! Look how the mr. horse look at his phone?! LOL 

Trying to swallow the lizard *non afraid at all huh* Omnomnom~

Monkey love lizard???

swaggy lol 

Monkey featuring the ape singing 爱我别走 hahahahaahahahah!

Add: Tkt 1 6993, Jalan Ong Yi How, 13400 Butterworth, Malaysia. 
Contact: 04-313 3635

Hope you like this post and like my photo hehe! End this post with my outfit :) Wearing top from: Her Wishlist | Skinny Jeans from: Dovey Diary | Flats from: Melissa x Pedro 


Hanna Lei said...

It looks so cool. -Hanna Marie

Vivian Yuen said...

SUCH a cute cafe! Love your outfit here too.



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