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12 July 2013

Betong, Thailand

I just came back from a very relaxing place last week. I'm thinking that is a must to share this amazing place with y'all cause I never know at this tropical country will have such a pretty yet cool place to get rest. The environment is awesome with fresh airs from trees and flowers. Breezy weather because it's up on hill! For your info, this is a garden resort with chalets surrounding where you can bring family and friends to relax :) Name: 万花园 Winter Flower Garden.  This garden is surrounded by two mountain villages Piyamit, a village of people who develop Thailand. My first time follow boyfie's family and friends here. I guess not much of you know this place called Betong right? Well actually just 2hrs journey from Penang. Border of Malaysia.

Flashing back to the night we depart. I went to the airport to pick boyfie, wengchun and his wifey up cause they fly back to Penang from Jakarta that night. We actually plan to depart around 8:30pm but their flight delayed =.= They reach airport around 9something, which mean we need to make it quick and rush before the custom checkpoint close at 11:00pm. The worst part is we don't know the exact location!!! Fortunately we have google map lead us there. Manage to reach checkpoint in just 10min before shut down! *holly mama*

As their parents already there since afternoon, guess they are so worry about us >< His dad even waited us at the road side of the main road to enter the rugged and dark mountain road. *exactly like those road we seen in Thailand's horror movie* 

I think is enough of my elaborate LOL. Time to get out of my grandmother story. Let's start to walk around at this pretty garden early on the day morning :)

This is the first side of the whole garden. We went up high a little to see snap these views. Nothing much at this side but the breeze and fresh air! 

There are a few design of the chalets :) I personally like the one with wooden design but too bad I din't manage to stay in the pretty wooden house >< 

There are even farms there where the local people grows some flowers and vegetables.

The girl loves sunflowers LOL 

So many different kind of plants and flowers! Panorama photo to capture the whole scene of the garden!

 3 kitty spotted 

Wengchun & Yifan, the lovely couple I mentioned earlier :) 

The main purpose we came all the way here is to attend the annual trip of Dharma seminar with all the friends & initiates to have some Dharma exchange and also find our peace of mind since the place here is quite and one thing to mention, there are totally NO SERVICE on our mobile phone! So yes, just leave our phone behind and get away from the city pressure! 

Winter Flowers Garden :

Contact: +66 81 738 9417

Nothing much beside some walk and Dharma classes. Then we went down to town for some shopping spree~~ To local market actually, there is nothing very fashionable to buy here but snacks! Tons of snacks >< I bought some back for the kids at my house *those kids finished most of the yummiest snacks in 1 day*  

These are what I bought :) That 2 tins of corn snacks is superb tasty!! I should buy more :( 

Since I've been mentioned in my last post saying that I'm so into buying skincare and cosmetics lately. I actually found a shop that selling Cathy Doll products. I was like OMG!! Why is their packaging can be so cute?! Therefore, I was killed by most of the things there. I bought body shampoo, body scrub, 2 in 1 mascara & eyeliner, and a eye serum @.@ How can I be so easy to get caught by cute stuff T.T

Eye serum, 2 in 1 mascara & eyeliner, body shampoo & body scrub @.@ 

I was kinda impress with this 2 in 1 thing cause the result is good. Besides, it can be remove with warm water BUT IT WON'T smudge easily! And the price is shocking cheap, only cost RM39.50. I always prefer mascara that can be remove by warm water, cause it won't cause eyelash falls easily.    

Eye serum, I haven't try this yet. Hopefully it will cure my panda eyes :) I was caught by the word Korean Eyes, honestly. lol 

When I first saw this shower gel I was like WOOOWWW 24K gold shower gel?! It has whitening effect and it smell sweet :) I like!!! Start using it d.

Milk body scrub. Been digging all the skin whitening products recently LOL 

I think i'm done with another long long post again hehe. Hope that I din't bored you :) I tried to talk lesser d. Time to go bed now. Goodnight world <3 


Hanna Lei said...

It looks so peaceful. Hanna Marie

Shuenny said...

I love your photography!

Shuenny said...

I love your photography!

Anonymous said...

how much is a tin of corn snacks in Malaysia currency? any suggestions what other snacks are tasty? thanks. :)

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