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27 August 2013

Dovey Diary at Paragon 25/08/13

Greeting! Today is the 3rd day of my new job. Is kinda freezing here :/ should have bring a jacket. Errm... I've been preparing this shop for 1 month. It's a last minute decision actually...flashback to the day I first saw this hidden little place is on my friend's shop opening day XD I came and found that this place is pretty special and I feel myself no longer in Paragon Mall...It suddenly turn to another place with small shop lots and special stuff selling. Then something pop from my mind, can I have a shop like this?? Not big and high class shop but a small little store :) Is always my dream to own a boutique actually. But one thing is that I never aspect this came in a short period.

I got things to worry too, such as the rental, renovation, stocks and tools that cost alot of money. But if I don't, I knew I will never get a chance again. So I went back consider and reconsider a few times. I decided to discuss with my family and get advice from them as well. I even bought my sister and mom here to take a look and thanks god they like it here!! haha

After decided and done for all the documents I start to prepare everything :) Day by day seeing things come and out from shop, I add racks, decorations and most importantly my lovely stocks! I tried my best to find the cutest and prettiest piece. I want to satisfied everyone that step in. I hate seeing disappoint expression :( I hope I don't let you down if you've already visited my shop ♥ 
I shall stop bullshitting here. Photo speaks!

Renovation part is the most headache part ever!! I did not do too much of decoration cause I prefer my shop looks bright and clean with add on a little bit of greenness like plants :D I made the worst mistake when the renovation is on going. I get complain from other tenants >< I admit is my bad cause I din't ask properly about all the screwing thing will actually cause damn big noise! I tot is just a few hole and thats it :( End up I did apologise to all of them and thanks god they din't get mad at me.

My volunteer helpers!! Sister and her kids XD Thank you! 

Last checking all the stocks :)

Actual day opening which is on 25th Aug 2013. Another memorable date :)


Plants~ like I said hahaha...but all are artificial one 

Dovey Diary sign spotted

These are all handmade by my sister :) Very cute one! 

 Jxhia :) Thanks for coming sweetie ^^

My lovely Rickho Thank you so much for the bouquet, I love it :) 

Le pretty Jynn! Thanks for coming~

Love this photo because they are pretty! 

Pretty Chloe. We have the same height XD 

Mr. Hayashi! Thanks for all the help :D 

And my babes! Love you all ♥ 

Once again, thank you for all the flowers and gifts! There are more I received day after :) and all the wishes from everyone  Dint really aspect there will be flowers one hahaha! Anyway, deeply appreciated guys! Most importantly big hug for my man, he was here with me all day long taking pictures for me. Love you! So sorry that I can't take picture with all of you, but im really happy that you came ^^

That's it for the opening day, no ceremony but I got many friends that can make my shop full! XD Thank you again for coming. I love you all. 

Location: Paragon Mall 6th Floor (Penang On 6) 
I have 2 option for you to easily found me :
1) Take the lift infront of Sephora / H&M, press 6th floor and walk further you will see Penang On 6 is on your left hand side.
2) Walk out from Pasta Zanmai auto glass door and walk straight you will see Penang On 6. 

Business hour: 10a.m - 10p.m 

Easy right? Just come to me and I will show you pretty cloths alright?! LOL
See ya 

OOTD : Top from Topshop | Shorts from Dovey Diary | Sandals from H&M | Bag from Ted Baker


Anonymous said...

Hey,gt discount ma?=)

Sherlyn Lim said...

看中了mannequin上的高腰裤!i will definitely stop by there when i go paragon! Support!

Vivian Yuen said...

WOW, so excited for you! Good luck with your new shop! wish I could be there~



木子 said...

I went Penang last week when Dovey Diary is still under renovation.Felt sad due to miss the chance for make a visit after opening. :(

Hanna Lei said...

The store looks great! -Hanna Lei

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