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30 August 2013

Anni trip to Singapore ♥

Can't believe its the 6th day since D.D's opening. Everything alright except it's really cold in here >< So sleepy when the clock ticks after lunch haha! Is quite a special feeling to blog here and guess i'll be blogging in here most of the time from now. Not bad la~ If you did followed my instagram you'll probably knew that before D.D opening I actually went for a short holiday with boyfie, I feel upset cause it's seems will be the last trip from now on T.T Dear god, when will be my next trip?

Okay forget about the sad thing first. I want to share my happy moment in Singapore ma! Should have feeling great blogging about this! XD
It's a 4D3N honeymoon trip for our 4th anniversary. My last trip to Sg was standardd 6! hahahahaha! So embarrassing. Singapore changed so a lot ! But it still remain that clean and green as always :) We went to stay MBS for the first night to enjoy the luxurious of the hotel especially the infinity pool!! Yet who knows the stupid period came once I touched down Changi airport???!!! This is not good!! My happy mode turned off in a second >< Even worst is the pain that almost killed! Urrggh ~.~ End up I can just watching bf swim happily in the pool. wtf

Comfort and spacious hotel room :) Someone is preparing for the infinity pool swim ><

Up at 39th floor. View from our room :) All green colour. such a breathtaking view! FRESH!

Let's check out the pool :D 
我們只能這樣合照 =P

Yea yea he enjoyed so much, you can definitely see in the photos. The pool was hell big and its crowded. So many tourist especially Korean and Japanese. All hot chic and hot guy! XD 
Night time we went garden opposite to see the Supertree Grove and had our dinner there. 

 While walking to the garden we found that the ferris wheel is on our left hand side. It's big and beautiful 

MBS scene from the garden! Awesome right?

Supertree Grove x MBS tower!

Hotel lobby.

Had our dinner at Bakerzin :) 
Wild mushroom penne with red sauce. 

Wild mushroom penne with white sauce.

Chocolate cheese cake. 

The next day, woke up around 9am. Done packing and headed down to lobby for breakfast. For you info, MBS does not offer free breakfast..idk why. Anyway, we drop by Sweet Spot. We actually attracted by their cakes and bread. They look so unreal, somehow they taste real good! 

Seriously, all are hell yummy!

OOTD: Topshop crop top | Deardeer Collection shorts | H&M sandal | Balenciage bracelet  | LV bag 

We were just inspired by Miley Cyrus LOLLL

OOTD: Bkk top | Zara shorts | Gucci bag | Cartier bangle | Padini sandal

Very nice interior

Outside of the mall.

Typical tourist shots is a must. 

Dinner time we went to Bugis. Boyfie insist to bring me to a vege japanese restaurant. He went there few times already he said very yummy one!! But too bad he couldn't remember the street name, and we was like walk for 1hour to find the restaurant =.= End up we still found it and get to try. No doubt it's really nice!

Tired face 

Hallo! How can be so energetic even he is hungry???  

Vegan pork bento set

Vegan terriyaki chincken don 

Vegan salmon sashimi @.@ 

Fried gyoza

Then took a ride to Clark Quay :) Such a happening place, and very nice to chill here. I love it.

We went back to hotel earlier that night to recharge energy for the next day Universal Studio one day tour!! Stop here ya :) Will blog about it soon! 


Hanna Lei said...

That chocolate cake looks so amazing, and the pool is so pretty. -Hanna Lei

Vivian Yuen said...

Your holiday looks so wonderful! sweet couple~



Afroditi Kat said...

The pictures are amazing!!!xxx
Gleaming Spire // Bloglovin'

Anonymous said...

Loves all your photos..all look amazing!
May I know what lens u using for ur F3? caused I saw the lens seems bigger...



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Peter Russo said...

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Jhon Staphen said...

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Tulika Sharma said...

its awesome trip to singapore,
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DemiFarrell said...

Thanks for sharing your Singapore trip..!!!

cytotec said...

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