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2 September 2013

Multiple storage pouch

I like to buy small pouch / storage bag. I felt all the girls love too right? No matter it's useful or not but the cute outlook will always caught my attention. I have many different sizes pouch with different designs like for accessories for travel or make-up pouch. By the way, how many pouch do you have? I recently got one set (big + small) of Marc By Marc Jacobs multiple storage pouch from Lamour Collection. It's actually a magazine bag. What does magazine mean is that in other country when you buy magazine they will have different types of complimentary bags or accessories base on different issue. Normally will happen in Taiwan and Japan. But not for all magazine, just some specific one like Vivi, Mina, Jasmine, Sweet, etc :) I remember I bought one magazine from Taiwan just because of the Agnes.b bag was that issue's gift XD
Since i've said this will only happen in other country, which mean our country doesn't have this kind of thing :( However, there are always a way right? In this case, there are some online shop started selling these special edition original magazine bags. There are brands like Fred Perry, Marc By Marc Jacobs, BAPE, Agnes.b, Paul & Joe and more. As I mention is special edition one, so you will never found in any retail outlets. Errr..I have no idea how they can find all these bags but who cares it's from where?! The most important is special + nice :D

Happy kid is happy! 

Big + small pouch 

This is the smaller size one. I use it to store my hairbands, accessories, earring :) It's easy to store in bag or luggage cause its flat type. I won't occupy alot of spaces in your bag.

And this is the bigger one. I use is as my travel make-up pouch. Also flat type and it can really stores alot of stuff. Look in the picture, there are more spaces. Another reason I like these pouch is because it has a layer of thin sponge to prevent our stuff spoil when we accidentally drop it :) 

Beside the pouches. I receive another Marc Jacobs special tote bag as well. I will never have this kind of bag in my closet but I like this cause it's special and casual. 

See how the tote bag can blend so nicely with the pouches XD 

For your info, all these special magazine bags will need to pre-order purchase cause they are import from other country. No doubt cause its original bags and the quality is good. You can go to Lamour Collection to look for your fav brand of magazine bag. 


Vivian Yuen said...

Love your cap Anerly!



Hanna Lei said...

Those bags really are cute. -Hanna Marie

Kharn Yee said...

The bags are really very cute! Like the design of the tote's handle!

Janet Tiong said...

The tote bag is cute!

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