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4 September 2013

ageLOC TR90 & ageLOC R2 makes healthy body!

Everyone needs a healthy body to carry on our daily activity. Plan spoil when body getting weak or ill attacks. I don't like being sick or I should say that everyone hates being sick! Especially to those are ageing *like me* I definitely need a something to recharge and regenerate my body system. You know good thing should share right? My fren Tan Penny is the one who introduce this product to me. I trust on her cause she's been my best friend since high-school and I know she are not selling direct sales products but HEALTHY to her best friend.
I begin to have ageLOC R2 just month ago. But I can't wait to share with you all about the experience I had with it. I don't know how to professionally tell you the information on how it works, what is it and all that. Perhaps, i've googled some information for you :) *with picture! won't boring one LOL*

What I feel about ageLOC R2 after a month is that I felt my body won't get tired easily even though I rush here and there everyday for my shop preparing yet I won't feel tired or headache. Somehow I felt myself full of energy! Let say I woke up 8 in the morning, drive here and there to buy things, meeting people, dealing with different people bla bla bla and sometimes I even stay back and have some chill with friends. Full day occupied with lots of planning. BUT I DON' FEEL TIRED. This is the point. Why?! I wondering~ Honestly these days, I am a person who will easily headache and I used to sleep early. But after taking R2, I can stay up to 1 - 2a.m @.@ This is incredible! People who close with me will probably know that I won't stay up that late normally. I sleep at 10-11pm one!!

This is photo taken 2 months ago on insta. See those comments? Seems many of you know and feel this is real good! I don't have any before after photo to share because I don't have obvious effect from the outside. All I felt is in the inside. I can feel my skin are more tighten and young! 
2 bottle, one for day and one for night! 

I even found some testimonial from people taking R2. *google*

This is my skin condition now. 

A video for you to know R2 deeper <3

Besides ageLOC R2. I have another to share with y'all is TR90. *well this ain't camera model thou* LOL. It is a shaping and weight management system. You don't have to suffer in fasting. You can eat what you like! It's a healthy shaping plan :)
For your info, TR90 is a new launch product, a combination of R2 and TRA. So the result will be awesome! Sound interesting! But for those who don't need to slim down, you can only take R2 to stay young like I do XD

Our mission is to be young and be healthy! Right?

I don't eat this cause I don't think I need it >< But for you that want a healthy and young body shape, you can give TR90 a try :) You will never regret *wink*

Lastly, i'm not doing any review for any company or individual. I'm just felt that this is should share cause it's good for everyone! If you don't know, ageLOC R2 & TR90 are from NU SKIN. Is my friend who selling this, I want to do a little shout out here  for her :) You can Tan Penny. She is selling the products. Price at MYR4400 one set for 3months it's pre launch product so only available for orders before this Saturday. If you have any inquiry, feel free to contact her.


Hanna Lei said...

These seem really interesting. -Hanna Marie

Vivian Yuen said...

Thanks for sharing~



Anonymous said...

Is this good for lowering of cholesterol?

AfterMarried said...

How much for the R2?

Joseph Chung said...

To purchase Nu Skin products, go to nuskin com, click on your country, then click on "Sign up as Customer" and enter sponsor ID: USW8836585
If you would like 30% discount, sign up as a distributor, by going to nuskin com, click on your country, click on "Sign up as distributor" and enter sponsor ID:USW8836585

Anonymous said...

hi is Tr90 in malaysia different from spore?

ban said...

Male, 51. Singapore doctor recommended R2 as an anti-ageing solution. I am on Day 6 of use. Nothing significant has changed inside or out. Charged SGD1040 for 6 month supplies from doctor. I realised 30% off retail price of SGD1486 is also SGD1040 if I get from website sign on as distributor. Let's see result in 5.5 month's time.

toh72 said...

just bought ageloc R2 this week, will start to take next MON

now not able to share yet but I will update the progress on my blog, hope that i will see the result soon...

Anees Rehman said...

This blog information is so nice

*JacQueliNe* said...

So informative!

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