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9 September 2013

Anni trip, Universal Studio Singapore


I've been to Tokyo Disneyland and I definitely don't wanna miss out the Universal Studio in Singapore. Yea is a must go place!! What I felt about USS is that it looks alot like Disneyland in Tokyo I don't know why =.= From the entrance to the souvenir  shops. Does every theme park looks the same in every country?! But still USS is a fun place! I will go again and again XD Actually I will prefer more on Universal's cartoon like Montster Inc, Shrek and Sesame Street! They are soooo lovely and cute <3 One thing I felt a bit regret is that I din't buy the Bumblebee tumbler back!! T.T I'm so so sad now!!  Regret x10000 Should have to bring it back >< I been seeing it most of the booth that selling beverage. Arrghh! Nevermind I will bring it back next time!

While walking to MRT station from our hotel. 

I look like a man :/

Got our tickets!! USS + S.E.A Aquarium. The ticket looks cute enough!

On the train on the way heading to Sentosa Station 

Typical tourist shot.

Random #1 Showing off my new bracelet XD 

Pinky jellyfish 


It's Sesame Street section!!

Look! They're performing <3 

Out of focus =.=

He said I always force him to do weird thing ... 

He said hi to me LOL 

I simply thinks our teeth kinda look alike @.@ 

The most awaited! 

Transformers ride is awesome!!!! Although I feel very very dizzy during the ride but it's worth!!

Err....I not sure who are just thinks that they are charming

That photographer purposely took it in the wrong angle! >< 


Get ready to get wet in most of the outdoor ride. We din't bring extra cloth so...

That guy behind acting "chok"

My hair smells nice?! hahaha

Really a nice place for photo taking!

Finally the end of my Singapore trip post. Hope you guys like my photos :) Using Sony Nex-F3 for most of the pictures and some selca by Casio TR150. 
After all, I love this trip so much. Especially travel with him cause it's relax. Don't have to plan so much cause he is the one who plan it, so i'm just follow his plan and stay calm. LOL   


Anonymous said...

Dear anerly, I love the way you show off n told us about how the amazing tr15 work on selca session but...

Does anyone tell u that your English is suck?

Anonymous said...

Dear anon, your English "is suck" as well. Gotta love it when someone with bad English criticize others lol.

Hanna Lei said...

I love all the aquarium photos. Looks like a lot of fun! Hanna Marie

Vivian Yuen said...

Beautiful shots hun~



蓓蓓PeiPei said...

Can i ask a question??
What camera did u use to capture for this trip??

Anyo said...

I really don't understand why GOT ppl like to comment blogger English suck! Please show off to public how your English professional!

chyi-ice said...

May i know u have write before about hand made photo album in ur blog?

Anonymous said...

LOL gotta double check ur grammar if u want to make criticism, else u will just make a fool out of please don't be mean :)

Anonymous said... is suck in real. so y don't you show your face too?

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Singapore tours said...

wao wonderful pictures. It seems to be lot of fun during Singapore tours. I really liked the pictures you have added in your post. keep it up guys ;)

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Advia said...

You look gorgeous. You look great as a couple too. And it seems like you had a lot of fun. You might want to try Singapore to Johor Bahru trips as well.

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