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11 September 2013

I found my cracked lips saviour!!

I have a sensitive lip. I can't apply lip-balm, lip gloss not to mention lipstick. My lip will get burned out and cracked in minutes. Therefore, my face make-up always in a imperfect condition. These days lip colour plays a big trend in make-up world. I'm sad cause I love all the lip colours out there cause the colours are so tempting T.T  And beyond self-controlling myself, I do bought some lip colour home and I applied them but just to take pictures XD Will immediately remove after few shots.
I receive an email from Zooey House  back in last last week about doing a lip care review for them. I kinda worry thou, cause i've tried many kinds of lip care before like Vaseline protection jelly, and L'occitane butter shea but those doesn't work on me at all and yet they are too oily for me ~.~ Apart of that I more worry is that after applying my lip condition will get worse.

I do study a little bit about the product that they gonna send me. Brilliant is the winner of Special Care Beauty Brand Grand Prize at Asia Model Festival Awards 2013. Brilliant is a product from Korea, yes I mean it is manufactured in Korea. They seeks to make the raw materials and ingredients to ensure the health of the skin and does not make skin feels heavy from the product.
After reading the company history and reviews from others of Brilliant's lip care system. I decided to give a try.

Brilliant Loveheart Lip Care 3 Steps System. 
Full set included lip mask, gel patch & essence.

Lip mask.

Gel patch comes in box with 5 packs of mask. 

Made in Korea.

Lip essence. Color will turn pink in 3-4 minutes after apply.


My lip condition last night. Consider as serious cracked lip right? :( 

#1. Apply lip mask on your lips after wash face. Rub it for 1-2 minute and wipe off with wet tissue or wet towel. This step is actually helps to exfoliate all the cracked dead skin cell and meanwhile to moist your lips as well.

Hypoallergenic Exfoliation
Gommage is a type of soft cream texture that exfoliates lips to take of dead skin cell without irritating your lip.

Enriched mineral moisturiser 
Macadamia seed oil recovers tired and cracked lips and activates skin cell with enriched minerals, protein and vitamins.

Anti Oxidation / Drop dead skin cell
AHA from grape seed oil melts dead skin cell to give sold and moist lip.

After wipe off with wet towel you can see my lip's dead skin cell are all gone :) 

#2. Put the gel patch over the lips and wait for 15-20min then remove it. It can fit my lip firmly all around. I like the peach smell of it! Don't forget to tap your lips to absorb extra essence.

Supply nutrient
A peach and a blueberry contain plenty of vitamins and fruit acid which supple the rough lips.
Moisturising and strengthen skin layer.
Strengthens and keeps moist of the lips with honey extract and ceramide. Cleanses dead skin cell on the lips and around lips.

Exfoliation / Anti-Oxidant
Anti-oxidation effect from grape seed oil which is 15 times higher than vitamin E, inhibits active oxygen, main cause of ageing.

Soothing moisture
Alantoin recovers rough skin to be soft and smooth lips.

3#. Apply adequate amount of lip essence. Did you see that?! Besides all the cracked dean skin cell gone, my lips looks brighter and pinkish! @.@ OMG I love it!!! 

Lip essence for all seasons
Smooth and moist over the lips with various active ingredients in essence type of texture, not a wax type, help soft and condition the lips.

Skin protection
Helps soothing and calming lip from damaged skin layers

Essence that changes colour
For vitality lips, the brilliant technology gives a pink colour of lips after applying white essence.

Intensive moisturising effect
Squalen re-build natural protection layer, increase vitamin A&E. Allatoin soothes the lips and helps better moisture. 

Dry cracked lips, especially in between seasons makes lip make-up even harder to apply. Moreover it makes on look ill, fatigued and older :( Tearing off the cracked lip fragments could seriously scar our lips and the possibility of infecting in with germs from our hands could be harmful.

The whole lip care system took me less than 30min. It's easy and quick. I recommend to do once or twice a week to maintain the kissable healthy lips! :) For the lip essence you can apply daily according to your desire, it won't leave heavy or oily feeling on lips at all. Even all the Korean celeb like it much! 

Before & after review from website. 

ARE YOU READY to start moisture and take good care of your lips?! Pinky and kissable lips make your make-up looks even sweeter! 

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Hanna Lei said...

This is so cool that you found something that works for you. -Hanna Marie

MyokiMay said...

i think im going to blog the similar post as yours soon..
i've ordered a set of these products just right after i've read your blog.. bcoz i hv a serious lip-cracked prob too >.<

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