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16 September 2013

First try, 3CE Stylenanda

I'm probably the last one to share about 3CE cosmetic. Sorry for dragging it >< I got my first few product from a friend, she help me to buy when she travel to Korea last 2 months. Till then, there it goes my first experience with 3CE! You know Stylenanda turned to be a well-known brand in just few months and with their special sense of dressing style, and k-pop feast made the brand even hotter! I'm not fan of k-pop but 3CE cosmetics attracted me so damn much! First is the packaging and next is the colourful lip pigment colour, and eyeliner!

Okay, let me tell you what i've bought :) 
Lip pigment, lipstick, cream blusher, and face shimmer powder. 

I pretty like this color cause it's a little orangie but too bad I couldn't wear it for too long...youknowmylipscondition :( 

Yes!! I like this the most! It's cream type so I will blend with your foundation very well. Light peach that creates a very natural rosy blush. 

The pink shade is nice but I feel that it's too dry for my lips >< My lips turn cracked after use.

Products above are all that my friend help me to buy besides the lip market below. I got it from ! I am so happy to know that they are now selling products from Korea too!! Previously their product are mostly from Taiwan but now they have things from KOREA like 3CE, too cool for school, etc...

The colour is so solid and long lasting. The most importantly is that it's not as heavy as you wear lipstick. It's much lighter :) 

Below is the eyeshadow cream from too cool for school. I've heard about this brand few months ago, again is from Taiwanese bloggers hehe. First try! I kinda like it cause it can blend evenly with my eyelid. 
The colour looks a bit dark but is because I put big amount to show you so that can see the clearer :) The actual colour won't be too hard one.

Finally i've done writing about 3CE cosmetics. I'm in love with their product since then..hmm I think next I will try their hotpink eyeliner ^^ 

Before end, I have a little shout out for, is their whole new website design! New facelift looking more exciting and professional! Like it :)  

Happy long weekend guys <3 


Hanna Lei said...

The liquid eyeshadow looks so nice. -Hanna Marie

Vivian Yuen said...

I wish 3CE products were more readily available in other parts of the world! Really like the red lip~



DAPHNE NG said...

hi anerly may i know what is the model name of your ray band sunglasses?

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