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22 September 2013

My must have cosmetics!

I will never leave my eyeliner apart! It plays a very important roll of my makeup. Furthermore, learning to draw eyeliner is the very first steps when you start to do makeup. Well, I have many different shades of eyeliner in my makeup box ^^ Today i'm gonna share with you one of my series gel liner colour. I got it all from
For your info, TheCandySkin is a website that selling variety of products from skincare to cosmetics. There are 5 different shades of gel liner. Pretty interesting right? Oh well, I got them all! XD

In today's world, makeup & beauty are a form of art. It is a way we express ourselves. At thecandyskin we believe exploring and creating looks that define you. We offer a wide range selection of beauty products as well as a diverse selection of colors on makeup products beauty products you use every day.

Launched in October 2007, thecandyskin is a "must shop" place for makeup lovers. 

At thecandyskin, you can learn about the latest beauty trends, get beauty tips from beauty experts and read about their opinions on our new items. 

Color your life!

♥♡♥ By thecandyskin ♥♡♥

Clean and neat packaging box :) 

5 different colours

And a quality sharp eyeliner brush :)

These are the colours. All the colours are very solid and anti smudge! Will do a test later :) 

After powerful water splash the colour still remain! No disappear no smudge. If you worry if it's too waterproof and it's hard to remove, don't worry! You can remove it easily with waterproof eye makeup remover :) 

Using Coffee 708 + Sephora pink liner pencil :) A very thin eyeliner to make our eyes looks bigger and add on a pink liner at the end part to create a little something for the eye make-up than a boring line.  

Im using Chocolate 709 to draw a thin line on the end of my eye. I like to draw eyeliner this way nowadays. It's easy, quick, and clean :) No mascara added. Only eyeliner :) I like the colour of chocolate so much cause I won't looking too dramatic or heavy, yet it looks so natural! 

Go to:  to look for more cosmetics products! You gonna love it ^^ 


Hanna Lei said...

I love how you draw on your eyeliner. -Hanna Marie

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