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24 September 2013

Harajuku 原宿, Tokyo

Hello! This is such a long long longggggg lost post! Forgive me guys T.T I not mean to do this to you all :( I tot i've finish all the post after Disneyland one...
Back to topic first! We finally made it to Harajuku! It's quite a famous place and everyone knows that people here like to dress up unique! Their fashion sense are slightly different and creative! Harajuku is just a few station away from Shinjuku (our hotel place) so it just took like more or less 10min to arrive. Once we step out of the subway station there are a long fashion street called Takeshita Street just right in front of it. There are many people walking and they wearing very creative outfit *to catch attention?!*. Some even stick price tag or draw blood on their face or maybe guy that wear girls outfit and something like that. It's really different and fun to look on them! Well, for them this is normal =.=

We even went to a typical Japanese park before we step in the fashion street *request by bf* Yes...we need to calm down first! LOL And since the weather of that day is so sunny, its good to have a walk around in a natural park for some freshen air in the morning. It is awesome! The park is just somewhere around the subway station as well so we just have to walk there.

I always love the typical Japanese style big entrance which makes me feel sooooo Japan! LOL 

 A long path before enter the park. There is a temple in it as well where Japanese can held marriage ceremony there and pray. 

I always love their tickets design. Can keep it as bookmark :) 

So this is some spots of the park. Nothing much to see actually so we just had a quick walk.

Ice everywhere

Heylo brownie bootie  ^^

So this is the huge temple

Pretty lady spotted :)

We consider as lucky to see the actual marriage ceremony going on that day! They did it very quite and graceful. I like the Kimono.

 Shot from the footbridge, right in front of there is the fashion street I mentioned earlier. Did u see the crowd at the entrance?! 

Takeshita Street!

Crepes crepes attempt before start the shopping spreee!! Very long queue ><

A guy that love pink and girl stuff alot @.@ and he is such a good poser LOL

So many people even it's during weekdays, but this can keep us warm in cold weather

Huge Daiso!!

This type of cosmetic lenses come in a super lovely box! So nice but I didn't buy cause you know me...I don't wear colour lenses :)

Potato chips that fried on the spot, its so so yummy!!

Alright, is end of the day though. Not really remember where did we went after that LOL. I guess I left another 1 post to end with whole Tokyo trip :) Will continue with Fujitsu soon.

Good day guys :x 


Vivian Yuen said...

Lovely photos, Anerly! Fried potato chips look super yummy :P



Hanna Lei said...

These photos are fantastic. -Hanna Marie

cheryl chan said...

I sure hope to bump into actual Japanese wedding when I visit Tokyo next month! Thanks for the insight of Takeshita Street and these photos are amazing! :)

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