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25 September 2013

Replace eyeliner with eyeshadow - Eye makeup tutorial!

I was inspired by Vivi Magazine yesterday about the "power of eyeliner" section. I not sure if you buy Vivi Oct issue. I kinda like how they differentiate the types of eyeliner drawing. As i've mention many times saying that eyeliner is important for an eye makeup right? But did you know that different kind of drawing has different kind of effect?! In Vivi they made 5 types. I found one of those are the easiest :) So today's lesson will be replace eyeliner with eyeshadow! Yes by using eyeshadow to shade out a natural good looking eyeliner line *wink*

This time will only focus on the end of eyes to extend the length of our eyes and add mascara. Very simple and easy to let you have a drooping sexy eyes~ Lets get started!

I will be doing this ^^

Recommended tools :) 

I will be using Deep Brown colour for the whole eyeliner contour. Kate Goldish Eyes palette. You can replace it with any other types of brown colour eyeshadow, as long as it's DARK BROWN. 

Zero eye makeup 

Follow the arrows and use a flat brush to draw a line on 1/3 zone of your eyes. 

Like this. A natural line.

With eyes open.

Curl your lashes and apply a layer of mascara. 

Then using the same eyeshadow colour to draw on you lower eyelid. Also 1/3 zone only and join it together with your upper line. 

Like this. 

Done with our drooping eyes effect! Less than 5 mins! XD 

Quick view. Only 4 steps. 

It looks like i've applied a thick eye makeup but im only apply eyeshadow liner and mascara! 

It's the end of the tutorial. I felt that it is really easy to use this method if you're in a rush :) Hope you like it! 


Vivian Yuen said...

Thank you for the tutorial Anerly! my eyeliner routine is a must in my daily makeup~



Hanna Lei said...

This looks so nice. Going to have to try it out! Hanna Marie

なな ♡ NANA7 said...

May I know where u get the 3CE blusher? THX

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