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1 October 2013

My DoMeCare Deep Cleansing Mask experience

Can't believe im using 2nd bottle of DoMeCare jelly mask. Ever since I started to use jelly mask, I think I will prefer jelly mask than mask sheet or other type. I just love the feeling of using gel type! You know i've been using Epure mask all this while but now I found another one which is the DMC deep cleansing mask. The result is different from Epure *no offence, im not doing any comparison between them* . DMC is also import from Taiwan. It focus more on pore cleansing, its mild and suitable for sensitive skin, while Epure is more on whitenning and effective in lightening pimple scars. 2 different kind 2 different result! Nevertheless both has hydrating system :)

Since i've made a review for Epure, to be equal I decided to do one for DMC as well! *nothing to do with the equal thing* =.= As I mentioned, already my 2nd bottle now! I will use it twice a week . Sometimes use it to cure emergency condition like when I put too much of make up on my face continuously and my skin turns dull...the feeling is like pore started to get clogging and the smoothness seems gone. Thus is time to do deep cleansing. For your info, DMC helps to easy remove blackhead & whiteheads, stabilise skin if you having sensitive skin. Besides, it will moisture your skin and fairer! For acne skin and pore problem skin, DMC can solve the problems as well but need time to slowly recover :)

This is my first bottle! Smaller size 225gm :) 

Finished!!! LOL 

Got bigger one this time ^^ 500gm! 

Spatula provided! Easy to apply and use it to scrape off :) 

  1. Apply with spatula
  2. 15-20min
  3. Wash off with water
  4. Apply skin care

-Main ingredients-
I will bring it to travel everytime!! *bring smaller one will do, 500gm too heavy* hehe

This is the free sample when you purchase 500gm. The orange colour one is the Overnight Aqua-Mask 睡美人晚安膜 where you can apply as a sleeping mask, and the blue colour one is the Acne Repairing Cream 零肌凸消紅霜 where you can apply it on pimple area. 

All thanks for Sheryn Kailin aka my sis who recommended DMC to me. I simply love it from the jelly texture to the result. Now GOOD NEWS for you!! They are now having Deepavali Special Promotion!! All purchase are 10% off, purchase 2 and above FREE POSTAGE. Available from now until 14th Oct 2013 *while stock last* COD service is provided for Penang and mainland area :) 

Any of you interested in trying this mask pls contact: / Email: / WeChat: Sheryn87 


Vivian Yuen said...

Definitely interested! Thank you for sharing, Anerly!



Hanna Lei said...

The color is really interesting, and I love what it seems to do for your pores. -Hanna Marie

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