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30 October 2013

Halloween inspired gel nail

Should blog about this before Halloween hah! I been seeing most of you like to do gel nail although its not good for our nail. But got to admit that gel nail is really nice and lasting XD I did this the third time, yea only 3 times haha. Can't afford to hurt my nails that much. Okay la, back to topic. Today I wanna share with y'all about my current gel nail design ^^ Bet that most of you saw it on my Instagram, but I really feel it's nice so decided to blog about it. Bear with me! hahaha

I got the idea most in Instagram haha! I think black & white is the trend now so decided to go for it and make it simple and clean without any thing stick on it cause usually sticking stuff won't last that long ><  

Nice no?! :D 

Planning for the next nail design now ^^ See what we can do next! Thanks to Jasmine who came all the way to Paragon Mall to paint my nail with reasonable price :) 


Vivian Yuen said...

Lovely! so cute for Halloween =)



Hanna Lei said...

Those nails are so pretty! -Hanna Marie

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