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25 October 2013

Iphone cover of the month ❤

Finally get my iphone some new dresses! I been searching for a stylish yet sweet looking phone cover these days and I finally found all that I want in i.Licious Phone Boutique. So long I din check out their page, i'm happy that I went back with full surprises! They did bring in all nice and cute phone accessories just right in time for me :) You know I very lazy to change phone cover one >< But my case is a bit dirty now so it's time for new one thou. 

Yayy!!! Aren't they look stylish yet sweet?! <3 

OMG OMG I like this very much!! I'm using it right now XD It has a very soft and good touching surface :) It's a rubber case.

Pink Melody soft case with a strap that you can hang around ur neck :) Spot the mice! hehe

 Melody handbag case ^^ Good quality soft rubber case as well~

Get your cases in i.Licious Phone Boutique

Since I got three new cases, I decided to do a GIVEAWAY here :) I know you all like sweet and lovely stuff ^^ I will be giving out two case in the picture above, only 2 winners  Suitable for 4/4s.  Just simply drop your comment and tell me 
  • Why you want this case?! & Leave your email ( so that I cant directly inform you) 
  • I will pick the most creative comment.

Today is my day but still have to work like a cow =.= Anyway, will be celebrating tomorrow night with my love and friends :) Can't wait!!! Thanks for all the birthday wish on Insta / FB guys! Deeply appreciated  


KitYi Lim said...

Simple because it's so cute and sweet , Imm quite a fan of hellokitty and of course I love it's friend , melody too <3


Jeisley said...

How girl could resist this cute and girly phone cases, tell me !! OMG !! It's pretty cute and nice !! I'm not a big fan of Melody but I'm a big fan of PINKY and RED !! =D

Vivian Yuen said...

I am always in fear (and in reality) dropping my phone so a phone case is an absolute necessity for me! As such, I believe that the style and colour of a phone case can do so much to compliment your outfit and fashion sense. I am always on the lookout for new, adorable, and unique phone cases to match my evolving style and clothes!



Splendy said...

Hi Anerly, thanks for having this give away session in your blog again. I'm excited actually! I want the Pink Melody case because it's so cute and I am going on a vacation next month, then I can imagine my vacation time with it hanging around my neck and showing off :P Besides that, I think I have quite a fate with My Melody as my first surprise present from my boyfriend is a Melody booster. I knew it's quite lame but it's true =)

Last but not least, blessed birthday to you! Have a blast!


JIKI YEW said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JIKI YEW said...

Hi anerly. I wish to win the phone case because it is too cute I can't resist it! Plus, I am a super big fan of you. I wish I can own things used by you hahahaha ! Like a fan of super idol :D I will be happy die if I manage to own things given by you. Pretty please >< Hehe happy birthday ANERLY :) Have a nice day ahead and god bless you everyday.

email :

Elise Poh said...

女神,我们竟然同一天生日,实在是太开心了,祝我们生日快乐吖,爱你哦 <3

Anonymous said...

Hi Anerly, i wish to get the melody phone case because i also felt my phone case didn't change for a year LOL. Im also hard to find any phone case suite my heart, so i just left it be untill i spot this melody phone case. (crazy obsessed ><) haha.. wish im the lucky one ;) you are really a great woman who have own business, inspired!

Hanna Lei said...

I want the melody phone case because I'm always dropping my phone, and it doesn't have anything to protect it. -Hanna Marie

Nicole Yie said...

Gosh why iphone always have super nice and awesome cases!!

I wanna win all of them simple because they're tooooo pretty to look at!! Okay I was just kidding.
I wish to win the Melody handbag case for my sister (or maybe my mom, cause I myself not using iphone) because when I sees it, I think of her! Everything in red stands for her!

Further, the sling holder is just too awesome on a phone case! It really looks like a very high class handbag while holding it! How can human be so creative to invent this design??! I wish samsung have one soon!! Or maybe I'll use it myself as a fake handbag :P (nice mah!)

Hope to hear from you soon, Anerly! Thanks for the giveaway btw <3

Nicole Yie

vanessa yap said...

Harro pretty anerly! Thanks for the give away session. I wish to win the pinkish melody case is because I wanna gift it to my best friend who has the cutie face to suit this casing and more her birthday is just around the corner as well as she is a big big fan of Melody! Besides, she always looking for the pinkish casing yet couldn't find the one which 100% suit to her. So I wish I be the lucky winner which picked by you. Before off, happy belated birthday pretty and stay sweet with blanco!
Looking forward to your reply!

MingmingGoh said...

I want the Melody casing because i think this is very cute ans sweer. And im a small melody fans too hehhehe :P Not to forget, the casing is in my fav color, its pink color!! :D And recently i've been searching for new casing for my iphone4s too, too bad outside selling one all not so nice for me, till i see this melody casing on your blog. And also the Melody casing is in rubber one, it can protect my phone perfectly!! My phone will not get scratch easily! :) So i really hope that i can win this casing!!! :D << my email :)

MingmingGoh said...

* and sweet

Anonymous said...

Hi Anerly, Happy Birthday to you and thanks for your giveaway contest.


My iphone is naked now and it's look for a special "dress" to make itself more stylish. Further, Red is just too awesome to resist.

"When in doubt, wear red - by Bill Blass"
When I look at this little red, all doubts will just fly away to the sky as this little red can inspired me to be more confident and strong.
Red is always energizing, and brings us energy and passion to move forward.

Let me be the owner of this MELODY HANDBAG CASING.


Relyen Sim said...

hello anerly! feeling happy to view ur blog everytime ! am I too late for that casing ?but still wanna gv my ans to you ,that is because i never get that beautiful case before actually ,and i wanna share with my sister :)
if i really be choosen then you can gv my aunty because you knew her actually ,anuty KHOO FEE LING :)
She is that help me buy epure mask from you hehe:D

Hainee said...

hi anerly fang,
the reason i want these case is because people always says me 中型化 .
if i got either one of these sweet cases, i will show them and say '' hey guys, i can be sweety too!''

have a nice day!

Janet Tiong said...

Why I want this case?
Because I own an iphone4! (this sounds lame I know, haha!)
But anyway, she is one year old today (13 nov).
Too bad I never get her a cute outfit >.<
So pity my girl never being girly... so wish me luck!


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