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19 November 2013

Gel Nail by Nail Bar Penang

Just got my new gel nail done at Nail Bar Penang. Is like finally I can get my faded / cracked nail fix! I was in so dilemma in choosing new colour and design~ After discussing with Bernice and finally decided to try hot pink + soft mint green :D At first I was quite worry about the combination..but it turns out very nice!! I like it! I don't want it to be too simple so I added a silver shimmer colour in one of my nail and a leopard drawing on another nail ^^ But first, have to remove the old gel.

Let's nail~ 

Hows the color combination?! Not bad right? hehehe

Here is the final outcome by adding up the hand drawn leopard print :) Thanks Bernice! 

Let's take a tour around Nail Bar! It's quite comfortable in there with soft lighting and they even playing xmas song while xmas is just around the corner. How sweet is that?! Whats more, I like the wall paint colour of the shop which comes in turquoise!! So nice!! 

They having promotion now!! 

Back in shop and I still can't get enough with my new nails! LOL Snap some clearer shots of them :D

Although it's still my style, simple. Perhaps you might think its too simple LOL Anyway, I still like it much. Will try something different next time maybe :) Special thanks to Nail Bar Penang for this awesome treatment and artwork <3  For those who looking for new gel nail treatment you can definitely visit Nail Bar! 

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Vivian Yuen said...

They're gorgeous Anerly! Such lovely colours and print!



Anonymous said...

Omg Rm39 so cheap!

Hanna Lei said...

I think its really pretty! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

hi anerly! are all your photos taken with sony nex f3?

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