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11 November 2013

My DMC Skincare series ❤

 As most of you knew that I fell in love with the DoMeCare aka DMC jelly mask recently. Din't know that they actually have a series of skincare products as well. Hence, I decided to try on their sleeping mask, pimple cream & cleansing gel. The products did not make me down, their performance is good, works well on my skin :) I trusted on Taiwan skincare products. Especially the sleeping mask. 

From left: Sleeping mask, Cleansing gel & Pimple cream.

Happy girl is happy ♫꒰・‿・๑꒱

DMC Overnight Aqua Mask is one of my fav now! I used to have late night sleepy lately, skin turns a little dehydrate. It contains Marine collagen which will help to reduce wrinkles. Just a thin layer of DMC sleeping mask will help to recall back the hydration! 

DMC acne cream that can cover and reduce red acnes. I use it at night on my pimples and day time to cover the ugly pimples >< It won't dry out our thou. It's kinda protective and helps to tighten large pores as well. 

DMC purifying facial wash :) Gel type cleanser is my thing! I like refreshment feeling after facial wash~ \(^▽^@)ノ

Daily face washing steps. 
From top left: Full make up --> Remove make up by using make up remover cream --> DMC cleansing gel to cleans away the dirt on face.

Gel type of facial wash always create bubble, you know I love bubbles! It clean away the dirt and impurities on our face and leave smoothness & refreshing without tightness. 

Special thanks to Sherynkailin who recommended me her DMC products! I'm satisfied with the result so much :) She is selling most of the DMC skincare products now! It's authentic from Taiwan ❤
If you are still not sure about the result of DMC, HERE is the link of her customer's testimonial of the products and also her lovely service :) 

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