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31 December 2013

31st Dec 2013

It's been few months I don't really blog for myself. My blog flood by advs and reviews. Luckily I still have my travel diary to wrap-up all the boredom here. Thank to those are still following & reading my posts. Glad that you are still here :)
Alright since this post isn't for any client / products, I will try to write a little more! Time is the forth month of Dovey Diary been operating, glad that it's still growing yet hoping to be better <3  Nothing much I guess but NEXT YEAR WILL BE A BETTER & GREATER YEAR! Looking forward for every little things that might get a big change! I traveled quite often in this year (2013) Been to places that I never been before and also places that I used to been. Never thought I get to travel often >< LOL Actually there is a sudden plan with boyfie, was thought of going oversea to celebrate new year but I can't leave my shop at this period cause it's approaching to CNY, shop might get a little busier than usual. Guess got to postpone the trip to next year lo~
Anyway, in year 2013 consider as a good year to me :) Nothing unpleasant happen, but there are still some bitter sweet that make the year even better.
So what to do at this end of the day of 2013?! *why do i sound like the end of the world?!* I probably working today :( Here to wish all of you have a great countdown night and stay happiness! Let's welcome the better 2014 <3 !!!



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Happy New Year! -Hanna Lei

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