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27 December 2013

Travel Shanghai 2013 Day2

Here comes the day2! We spent most of our time at the Financial Expo. It's their first day of working :D Had a walk around in the hall. I was shock with the booths cause is soooo big and sooooo many booth there! Heard that there are more than 400 units setting booth regarding financial. Booowoowowowww!
Is just like a normal fair with most of the people only walk around and get goodies =.= Most of them are uncle and auntie LOL

Look at the crowd on the first day of expo!

 Glad to see that Midcofx's booth is big and nice! 


iMac prepared for you to get to learn trading on the spot *wink*

Dinner at 大蔬無界, one of the famous vegetarian restaurant in Shanghai. 

Order dish by using iPad @.@ 

Hungry face hehehe

These are what we had for 6 pax. No doubt, their vegan food is really awesome! Never had this kind of fine dining vegan food before :) Thumbs up!!

Nothing much on the 2nd day. Aspect much on my 3 post then! hehehe! Have a great day guys!


Vivian Yuen said...

SO cute with your hair in a bun!



Hanna Lei said...

The food looks great! -Hanna Lei

cheryl chan said...

Woah, am I seeing fine dining + vegetarian food combination? They are so pretty!

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