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20 December 2013

My perfect make-up's secret weapon

Almost every girl at least own a BB cream or foundation. Even the improving of technology, we now have CC cream. So many brand to choose and too many kind of cream. Sometimes we din't even know which does the best and which do not harm our skin. Yea we girls want things that work perfect with less harm...right? It's really hard to found one.

I like things comes in combination result like combines moisturiser, sun block and bb cream all in just a small bottle. This is genius!!  Especially who people who love travel, it's no point to bring the whole skincare set and whole bunch of cosmetic during travel right? This is too tiring and you will need more space for these things :( Therefore, having a 3 in 1 thing in our make-up pouch is ze best <3 Less weigh t in your baggage so that you'll have more space for your shopping! hehehe

You know what, I've found one BB cream that with combination of moisturiser + sun block + foundation!! It's much easier for us to take care of our skin with just one step ^^ 
Tadaa! This is it. Beautifying UV Shield 30 by ES5 (Empress Secret No 5) 

A unique BB cream that rich in water locking components, do not affected by sebum, sweat or tears that can corn skin for a long time. Enriched with zinc oxide and iron oxide with super concealer effect, as well as the effect of sunscreen with rose and grape stem cells completely block UVA and UVB. It's also suitable for all type of skin :) 

It has a very good coverage / conceal effect which can totally replace foundation. I'm the one who like products that can cover my dark circle and some acne scars but dislike heavy foundation, I think this is the one I been searching! 

Im using it! It has thin texture yet awesome coverage :) Only one tone colour, no worry for the uneven looking skin-tone, it will automatically match with your own skin colour! GENIUS!! LOL  

One thing to emphasise is that this product contain rose and grape stem cells. 

What is stem cell???
A stem cell is a mother cell that has a remarkable potential to divide and differentiate into many different cell types. In the differentiation process, a stem cell produces many other new cells to rejuvenate and replace aged cells, thus prolonging the life span of the skin cells. 


ES5 Skincare – Empress Secret, Luxury Skin Care

If you want healthy, glowing skin, start with the ES5. ES5 focus on the basic care of the inner skin cells. Beautiful skin simply starts with ES5.

4 Reasons why you should use ES5 Skincare:

  1. A comprehensive skin anti-aging formulation
  2. Plant-based source and safe for all ages
  3. Based on ancient royal anti-aging formulation, produced by current anti-aging technology
  4. Highly bioactive compounds from advanced technology

Above are a series of ES5 's skincare products besides the the UV Shield i'm using. I'm sure the quality of every products are guaranteed. <3 

Highly recommended the ES5 Beautifying UV Shield 30ml, RM325.00 

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Hanna Lei said...

It looks so nice! -Hanna Lei

Vivian Yuen said...

So flawless, love your makeup here~



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