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18 December 2013

My playing cards

Hi all, im back from Chiangmai after Shanghai trip @.@ what a travel-full month LOL. I just done with my Day1 post for Shanghai =.= too many things wanna share! Anyway, it was good to travel in such peaceful place (Chiangmai), the weather is comfort in between 15 - 20 degree Celsius. One thing that made my day when I came back is my long waited Personalised Playing Cards from Pixajoy had finally arrive! First thing is to unpack the parcel and~~~ YES I LOVE IT so much! The color is nice and everything is just ME! And it's just very easy to make one, just design it online without downloading any software or apps :) *only for playing cards*

Happy kid is happy 

Front & back view of the poker card's box <3 

While i'm doing it, i don't need any software installation, it is online editor! I can doing directly without waiting long times! Can get it from

Front & back view of the cards. Again, I love it <3 

Yay or nay guys?! 

2. After purchased, you will receive an email from Pixajoy regarding your eVoucher prepaid code. Go to -> choose Playing Cards -> click Create Project

3. And now, you can customize your playing cards as i had did! Lastly do remember apply your eVoucher code before submit your order!

As I mentioned in my previous post, Pixajoy and variety of printing ideas and solutions. No worries about the book quality. 

They provide professional grade photo books and afordable price as well. Every book is printed on the top-of-range, HP Indigo 5500, Hewlett-Packard's flagship printing press series.

More Highlights
Cover Choices
Choose from debossed hardcover, die-cut hardcover, image wrapped hardcover and softcover.
Decorative Covering Materials
Only the choicest of covering materials for book covers (books which have this option).
Stylish Layflat Hardcover Special Feature
Pages are first printed using Art Card 1300gsm (inclusive of medium card) with Gloss or Matte Lamination or Textured Paper Linen 1360gsm (inclusive of medium card) and then mounted onto the page-boards, making each page about 1.5mm thick.

Paper quality

Honestly, it's not easy to make one. At first, I got totally blank in my brain..don't know how am I gonna start designing >< But I still felt excited in doing thing like this...I thought wanna do something seasonal like xmas or holiday design but end up I came out with this soft tone colour one. I like soft tone colour very much. Really thanks to Pixajoy which providing this concept where everyone have their own design poker / playing cards, whether is to create another memory or keeping a sweet memory :) Very statisfied with the out come, really <3 Now who want to play poker with me?! hehehe! 


Anonymous said...

how much is it?

Hanna Lei said...

Those are so cool! -Hanna Lei

Vivian Yuen said...

So cute! perfect Christmas gifts~



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