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16 December 2013

Travel Shanghai 2013 Day1

Anyone waiting for this post? Just get all photos done :) We really took alot of pictures although we din't went many places =P but, many selca pics hehehe. The main purpose to Shanghai is to attend the Shanghai Financial Expo 2013 with boyfie and members. Midcofx been joining the expo in the past few years, but this is the first time boyfie joining. As a gf, can go Shanghai sure go ma LOL Perhaps I can help him when he need it.
We took midnight flight from KLIA, and we reach in the morning. Right away we start our first day tour in Shanghai. Imagine all of us din shower and wash my face exceed 24hrs! This is horrible >< What even worst is, we reach hotel at night after early dinner at around 6pm!! Its almost 30hrs of not taking shower!! No choice cause this is the only day we could make a tour together, else the following days they have to be in the expo for work :(

First place we visited is one of the famous old street in Shanghai named 城隍庙。Nothing much but in love with the beautiful building that mostly made with wood.

Handmade hanging owl

Tried this, their local snack. Taste good thou! Taste abit like our "ham jim beng" in hokkien, call it Hai Tang Gao. It has red beans mud as the fillings. 

This smelly tofu taste weird =.= Usually this kind of tofu smells bad but taste one opposite >< 

Next we headed to The Bund 外滩, place where you get to see the full view of the Pearl Tower and other famous tower in Shanghai. Really nice! 

Typical tourist shot is a must! Due to it's winter time so we can't get  clear pic of the opposite's buildings. Too much of mist. 

Yes, not getting ready yet ... 

Finally with his zipped jacket LOL 

My fav #fromwhereistand shot! hehehe 

Then we went to TianZiFang 田子纺。The best part for the trip! 

It's a place like a garden or street surrounded with small craft shops and some creative spots! 

This is one of the shop in TianZiFang. Selling various kind of music box. No picture inside so I din't manage to show you :( 

Talented artist spotted!! She paint until like a photo copy!! We did ask her how long does she need to finish a painting...but she did not respond any to us LOL Guess she's just too concentrate on her work :) 

Popcorn milk-tea! It's quite a way to match two of these :D 

Well, I must say..THIS IS SO CUTE!!! 

Eh...come! Gimme some to try :P 

Told you this place has too many hidden creative shop for you to discover! Look we found another one~ Can't get rid of those colourful postbox! 

Hehehe! What a nice background~ Too bad I look damn tired :( fml 

Last stop of the day, we went to a huge shopping place which called Nanjing Road 南京路步行街.

Yeah you know how tired & emo am I LOL 

We din't really shop there, but we found some nice food nearby hehehe! The egg tart is so yummy! 簡直是外酥內軟!

Till then, after shower and a nap. We went to shopping mall nearby to grab have our first dinner in Shanghai! Dolar Shop 豆撈坊.

End with selca! Stay tuned with my next Day 2 & 3 post yo! Time to get ready cause almost 10pm XD Can close shop d!!


Hanna Lei said...

Those owls are awesome -Hanna Lei

Vivian Yuen said...

mmmm, food envy! Cute as always Anerly~



cheryl chan said...

Great photos! 城隍庙臭豆腐 is the best I had so far.

Anonymous said...

Hi what camera are u using ? :)

Cheen Yeening said...

hi may i know what camera are u using for the pic on ur blog? thankiew <3

hayley antoli said...

Great Pictures! I hope you are enjoying the tours and had your first dinner in shanghai. Thanks for sharing..

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Alan Lee said...

The smelly tofu, smells great but tastes bad right? Hahaha!

Vivien ♥ said...

The places u went are very alike with the places I went in Shanghai too. Even the Dolar Shop! :D

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