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17 January 2014

2nd Trial : Aiberia 艾珮蒂亞 Sodium Hyaluronate Series 玻尿酸系列

So happy to receive the second trial of Aiberia’s 艾珮蒂亞 series skincare products. The last post I blog about Aiberia was five months ago. Read it HERE. I’m still using it alternately with different series. They have 4 series named Northem Jobs Tear Series / 北之薏仁系列 , Chamomile & Tranexamic Series 洋甘菊博明酸系列 , Samba Rose Series /  森巴玫瑰系列 & Sodium Hyaluronate Series / 玻尿酸系列. Of course each series has their own trait to fix different skin problem.
Currently they sent me the Sodium Hyaluronate Series / 玻尿酸系列 which I needed the most now! Late sleep make our skin dehydrate the most. Beside drink more water, skincare that help to balance the moisture of our skin cannot be ignored as well. After a week of trying the Sodium Hyaluronate Series, I felt my skin not only moisturized yet I can see it’s actually brighten up more! Although sometimes there still will be acne popping out but the acne doesn’t really stays that long like last time it was. Like previously acne usually stay like 3-5 days to turn ripe. But only take 1-2 days!! Really surprised me @.@

From my research : 
  • Sodium Hyaluronate has moisturising benefit when applied topically to skin issue.
  • The fast that hyaluronate acid is found naturally in the dermis of the skin makes it even more appealing as a skin care ingredient.

Sodium Hyaluronate Series / 玻尿酸系列  

From left: Facial Wash , Toner , Serum , Cream

    • Face Wash. It contains Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate 氨基酸介面活性劑 that provides gentle cleansing. It resolved dry & oily , dirts & impurities , reduce accumulate cutins. It also comes in a very soft and light foams that allows to clean all the dirts away without tightening our skin. Price RM36.00

      The main effective ingredients in the facial wash :

      1. Tocopheryl Acetate 維他命 E - Anti aging & accelerates metabolism
      2. Allantoin (Urea) 尿囊素 - Repairs vulnerable skin & accelerates metabolism
      3. Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate 氨基酸介面活性劑 - Water retention , pH < 7 & reduces the stimulant
      4. O-Cymen-5-ol 殺菌劑 - Anti bacteria
      5. Sodium Hyaluronate 玻尿酸 - Naturally exists between the phos pholipids of the skin cell. Keep aqua inside the skin due to it. Formulates a film out of facial skins & nourishes deeply dry or aging skins.

Bubble net to create the micro foaming texture that goes into every pore to scour the deepest clogs and waste cutin. It comes in every purchase of facial wash :)

It’s very easy to create the bubbles :)

Wet the net, then squeeze a bean-like amount on the palm

Rub it gently...

Pull the foams out from the net. DONE! Then you can start to massage it gently on your face. Then rinse.

 Second is the Toner! :) Use it for DAY & NIGHT. It not only boosts hydration, but also firmly retains moisture in-depth, achieving an all-faceted protection and recovery. Price RM65.00

It requires 5-6 drops. Pad & massage evenly to our skin.

Then apply the serum. It is the best in most of the products! It has a long term & deep moisturizing effect. Use it DAY & NIGHT as well. The innovative technology of moisturizing is Liposome Packing, sealing high quality and herbal essence complex within a membrane. This tech can instantly penetrate through cutin, moisturizing skin cell. Like a reservoir for skin, these ingredients replenish water contentiously, balancing oil and aqua of skin cells. Price RM105.00

Water base. Easy absorption :)

Last will be the facial cream. It comes in water base and a very cotton-like texture that absorb instantly, non sticky and greasy. It helps deep moisture, anti-aging, and optimise translucency. This is the one to brighten up the skin as well. Price RM85.00

Even 女人我最大 TV programme is introducing Aiberia’s products. * Fast forward to 9mins onwards* It’s truly import from Taiwan and is a trusted brand too!

The Aiberia Sodium Hyaluronate Series are current my favourite skincare now! Guess I will never stop using it cause I wan my baby skin back!!

Visit: For More! <3


Vivian Yuen said...

Looks like it's really good for sensitive skin, thanks for sharing~



Hanna Lei said...

It seems really good! -Hanna Lei

Venice Chan said...
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