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20 January 2014

BREAKTHECODE The first real room escape game in town!

What else we can do with friends beside chilling, karaoke, movie?! You know there is a special activity for you to hang with friends, it is a very excited and fun thing to do with your bunch! Sometimes we just need something different to do during weekend than just chilling at some cafe, eating cakes and so on. 
What so different about this activity is that, you can get to experience the excitement of finding clues, solving puzzles and finds the code to escape. 
After all, you will have the opportunity to join your friends and team, give out the biggest team spirits and break the codes within the limited time of 1 hour. 

Introducing the whole new activity~~ 

Don’t trust my expression! I look very steady at the outside yet super nervous on the inside!! My first time playing this kind of game @.@ I rarely taking part in things like this, I am such a coward :( I hate dark rooms and oppressive, This is definitely a big matter to me!! Yet, do not worry as you  will able to find torch lights inside the room. 

Break The Code is a challenging and fun live escape game designed for all ages. This is the latest trend and the coolest game in town.

BreakTheCode is the First Real Room Escape Game in Town with Real life interactive Puzzles. It is an activity for a group of people(Min of 2, max of10) to enter into the game. We have 4 themes: Kidnapped, Zombie, Detective & Pirates. For example, if Kidnapped, you will be locked, then you have to find clues and solve the puzzles and break out within the time allowed. For different themes, that would be different experience.
BreakTheCode actually enhance team work, observe skills, quick wits of thinking and lots more.

Say hi to green little spider :D

Before enter, we had ourself a warm-up with mini game machine that prepared at the waiting hall :) Do not underestimate this little thing! You will get electric shock if you lose!!
There are 4 theme.

#1 CRAZY LAB The Undead Zombie
Year 2026, the world is a crazy place to live in. Due to a recent pendemic outbreak, almost all of the human race are infected. There are only a few that is immune to such virus. Dr Jimmy Kimosaki is the lead scientist who is looking for the antidode but he had been missing for the last 10 days. You are his best friend you must know where he is. He only trust you.

#2 DETECTIVE X Part 1: Shadow Killer

Oh my old friend, you must help me this time! The shadow killer is still free of justice. I'm helpless now, my family' name would be at stake if I couldn't bring him in. The whole England include the police force has been counting on me. It's really too much for me... Too much

Richard Holmes

#3 KIDNAPPED Break Out
This must be a mistake, the person that you are looking for is not me. I am just a double. I don't want this job anymore, I just want to live on. I have a family. I need to get back to them, GET ME OUT OF HERE…. Why I cannot feel my legs, what had you done to me? Don't you just want money? I can get you money...

#4 PIRATE SHIP Lost Treasure Of Kathubu
The secret map of a world treasure was found by Captain Josh Sparrow. He is on his way to the island to find this treasure. This is no ordinary treasure. Else, he will not had risked his life going through the Bermuda Triangle in the month of October. Who is the lady standing at the deck? Wait a minute... I don't see her now... Maybe i drank too much…

Photo taken during we being trapped and trying to break the code to the next exit. It’s really a interesting game! Can’t believe we girls made it to the end! *clapclapss*

After all the crazy and exciting moment. We finally done with all and time for a rest LOL Till then, picture time!! #girlsbeinggirls

Is that a turtle? dinosaur? or a sea crab? Anyway….I love it LOL

Selca with the pirate hat ^^

Last but not least, a group photo with ze girls :) We had so much fun! From left: Jxhia, Carmen & esther. Till we meet again <3

RM30/pax/game – students rate with valid ID (Applied all the time)
RM32/pax/game – Weekdays before 5pm (Monday till Friday)
RM36/pax/game – Weekdays after 5pm & Weekends
Location: 368-02-1 Bellisa Row, Burmah Road, Georgetown, 10350 Penang.
Phone: 04-2260484


Hanna Lei said...

Haha I love the hat. -Hanna Lei

``Felicia Kok. said...

Looks fun!!

stupidcupidtynn said...

hey girl, i tot we cannot bring any cellphone inside to the room?

Vivian Yuen said...

Looks like you guys are having lots of fun!



anerly said...

Hi, for your info cellphone is not allow in the room ya :)

anerly said...

Hi, for your info cellphone is not allow in the room ya :)

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