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9 February 2014

Must-Try: YADAH Bubble Deep Cleanser & Oh My Sun Block!

Hello all! Gong Hei Fatt Choi! :D How's your Chinese New Year celebration so far?

CNY this year has been different for me compare to last time. Having a shop now has too much of responsibilities to handle and I can’t enjoy my CNY longer. Shop opened on the 4th day of CNY *chu4* which I feel so sad about it! :( 

Anyway, the weather lately has been getting hotter and the heat from the sun is unbearable for me. As a result of sun exposure, my skin is obviously suffering from dehydration and looking unhealthy. 

Luckily I have YADAH OH MY SUN BLOCK to keep me out of the harmful sunlight and UV rays.  It is very important to apply sun block before foundation or BB Cream before you leave the house every day. Furthermore, I will have full make-up on all-day long because I want to look pretty thru out the day! Hahahaha. Thus, using a good deep facial cleanser to cleanse away all the skin dirt and impurities and face makeup like foundation or bb cream is a must. For this, YADAH BUBBLE DEEP CLEANSER really helps me a lot! It smells so good and after cleansing, my skin feels hydrated too (it doesn’t strip off my skin moisture)!

First, let’s start with the Bubble Deep Cleanser. This is the BEST-SELLER among Yadah products. It contains 99.9% of pure and natural plants extracts including key ingredient Opuntia Ficus *clinically proven to have strong anti-inflammatory and high potent anti-oxidant properties with natural hydrating benefits.* Opuntia Ficus is a unique cactus species organically grow and cultivated in Korea.

The soft bubble gently washes away my makeup and dirt on my face, leaving my skin so CLEAN, soft, refreshing and comfortable! No tightness at all even it is a bubble cleanser. 
For your info, my experience tells me most of the deep cleansers I used will leave skin really clean yet you will feel tightness and not comfortable. Hence, my suggestion is do not use deep cleanser as your daily facial wash. Should take turn with normal facial wash and use it 1-3 times a week. BUT for YADAH Bubble Deep Cleanser, you can use it more than that as a make-up remover for your light and non-waterproof make up :) It will not leave skin feeling squeaky clean but moisturised, soft and refreshed. Highly recommend this! Price at only RM49. You can use up to 4 months!

Next is Oh My Sun Block. It is by far my favourite colorless sun block so far! Which means no makeup remover is needed and it will not clog pores!

YADAH OH MY SUN BLOCK with SPF 35 PA++ is a sun block that you can wear it daily. It is a highly moisturizing sun block that offers high-level protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. I have learned to use sun block everyday as an anti-aging product too. :)

“The best anti-wrinkle cream is sunscreen – worn every day when you were a child. Because nearly everything you see on your face when you hit your mid-30’s and beyond (fine lines, spots, wrinkles, sagging skin) is from unprotected sun exposure.”

A very lightweight of texture in a matte finish. Natural ingredients included: Aloe Vera, Chamomile & Lavender. All are good to our skin :) It comes in white color so it blends and matches with our original skin tone very well, you don’t even feel like you are wearing it at all. Therefore, no makeup remover is needed when you apply this :) 

Not much different you can see in this picture *idk why* but in real, I really can feel the matte finish texture and the moisture on my skin. To be frank, I used to hate applying sun block all this while cause I hate the uncomfortable feeling of greasy and sticky, some even bad is they cause clogged pores! Urrrghh~ But now I’ve found Oh My Sun Block from Yadah that saves me from all the bad experience previously and I’m now back with using sunblock daily hahaha. Price also at RM49 only! 

11 Key Benefits:
√ Colorless & highly moisturizing
√ Exceptionally lightweight in a matte finish
√ Suitable for all skin types even sensitive ones
√ Fast-absorbing; Non-sticky and non-greasy
√ Light and refreshing scent
√ Free from 8 harmful chemicals
√ Contains natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Lavender
√ Formulated with sebum control; non-acnegenic and non-camedogenic
√ Minimize skin damage from sun exposure
√ Fragrance-free
√ No makeup remover is needed

Overall, I am quite satisfied with YADAH’S products so far especially the 2 item in this review. It is really good to have our skincare products with pure and free from harmful chemical ingredients. All Yadah products are certified with Korean FDA and mix of botanical ingredients that are 100% natural and organic. They are suitable for all type skins including sensitive skin like mine because they are gentle to skin and formulated with natural ingredients.

Yadah is available in selected Sasa stores. In Penang, you can find it at Queensbay Mall, Gurney Paragon Mall and AEON Seberang Perai. Highly recommended and you can go try them out too! 

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Vivian Yuen said...

Bubble/foam cleansers clean so well!



Hanna Lei said...

I love foam cleaners! -Hanna Lei

miss wallflower said...

what is the differences between YADAH BUBBLE DEEP CLEANSER and AIBERIA Sodium Hyaluronate facial wash? :p

Siti Asiah said...

cute bunga angin tu...;)

sumathi kalpana said...

Very helpfull for the New buyers & Sellers. Thanks to Property Byte for providing such a usefull Information

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