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24 January 2014

Just Something Cafe vintage flea market

On last weekend, I joined a flea market organise by Just Something Cafe. It's my second time joining a one day flea :) I been to this cafe few times before and I quite n love with this place <3 Even had a video shoot month ago.
Speaking about this event, only 10 units available and the space for each booth is limited. I did not bring bring new stocks there. Yet I did a stock clearance there.
Nothing much, just feel like sharing all the photos here :) Enjoy scrolling! LOL

 Thanks for those who came for Dovey Diary! 

Helper of the day. Tan Penny :D 

Vintage camera on deal! 

Camera man of the day :) 

Penny bought this at only RM20. 

There will be another flea market tomorrow! Its the Dreamland Penang Flea Market at Full House Cafe, Times Square Penang ♥ From 11am - 9pm. Many online boutique will be there including my DoveyDiary. I will be bringing many new stock there yo! 

I'm one of the guest as well :) Come join me and other bloggers!! 

Here is the video shoot at Just Something month ago ^^ Credit to Number Nine Studio 九號攝影


♥JaniCe♥ said...

so cute ur video!!

Anonymous said...

why they choose your so ugly photo as advertisement ? ask them for a change . you looks fat

Hanna Lei said...

Fleas are so cool! -Hanna Lei

GenEviEvEcCyaNN said...

Hey hey, what camera model are you using? seems good! :D :D neways i love your post! :D

Anonymous said...

omg umm you know which online stall is it that sells the vintage cameras?

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