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22 February 2014

The Alley at Steward Lane, Penang

I'm now in JB waiting for le bf done his appointment at a random Starbucks…
Since I got nothing better to do..Suddenly!! 灵光一闪 found that I left out this post!! How can I missed to share with you this beautiful cafe right??!
I forgot when is the last time I explore new cafe in Penang. So happy that someone date me to The Alley month ago >< Sorry for dragging this post for more than a month. Been slacking so much during new year and I almost forget about this post that should be posting up long time ago haha!
I feel happy when comes to dessert and cafe cause you know Penang is a nice place to explore every little corner for surprise!

The Alley is a cafe where hidden in heart of Georgetown. It at Steward Lane, Penang is a new cafe in town where has a very comfortable ambiance for a relaxing afternoon tea.
Their menu is earnest and simple, offering a type or two of cakes, chorrus cornuts and some sandwiches as well as their array of coffees. 

Outdoor area

Wall doodle art drawn by using marker

Food ordering time! I like the way they present the menu at the cashier :) its cute to have such menu with doodles drawing!

Pinky Guava Frappe 

Freshly out of the deep frying pan Churros 

Cronut. The term "Cronut" is the contraction of 'croissant'  and 'doughnut' :)

Date of the day <3 

selca #1

selca #2 

Is good to have friends like to chill and a small cafe with me! I enjoy so much in this place and i'm planning to have a afternoon tea myself in here someday :) I guess it would be good to blog here too ^^

Address: The Alley, 5 Stewart Lane, George Town, Malaysia
Contact: 04-2613879
Business hour: 12:00pm - 12:00am


Chiew Nee said...

seems like a nice place! and the cronut looks yummy! =)

Heaven Knows

cheryl chan said...

Another cafe in Penang to visit! <3

dora said...

that doesn't look like a real cronut at all..
does it taste and look like this cronut ?

Penang Ho Chiak said...

Cronuts! I love them! :-)

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